The ‘Louis CK In India’ Website Was Actually A Compelling Anti-Censorship Protest

[India offers its citizens a comfortable illusion of freedom and democracy based on equality and liberty. But a closer inspection of this face value reveals many ugly truths. Homegrown presented a series of articles by Devang Pathak titled 'Muffled' wherein we attempted to highlight a 68-year-old culture of repression, censorship and injustices meted out to the basic rights of Freedom Of Speech and Expression in this country. Over the course of that time, he spoke about the rapid rise of instances of censorship recently, the terrifying power of revisionism which seems to be ingrained in the 'Hindutva Agenda' and even created a timeline of Indian journalists who have been brutally targeted for their work. We are, by no means, the only ones questioning motives anymore and that is why we stand with whoever is behind this incredible April Fool's prank. It might lack the humour, but it's punch line packs more power than any joke could. Scroll on to read all about it.
Vijay Nair

Screenshots of their letter:

But perhaps more than the letter and text, we were impressed by their choice of music to be played on the website- Boards Of Canada's mix of an Anti-Censorship Message in a Canadian Adult Film in 1982. It was the  perfect Orwellian Response to India's current predicament.

The Original Message from 'A Brief Affair'

 We leave you with the closing lines of the website - Read.THINK.Question.


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