Maharashtra Government Has 'Beef' With What's On Your Plate

Maharashtra Government Has 'Beef' With What's On Your Plate

We are sorry, but they won. The aunties at the next table and 'gatekeepers of Indian culture', who rolled their eyes and squirmed with discomfort, occasionally sneering at your order of 'non-veg' food, won. The contemptuous look your childhood friend's mother shot you when you innocently asked for some meat at dinner won (and it was a sleepover so the thought lingered). The jeering and taunts directed at one's own cuisine choice has won. All thanks to the Maharashtra Government.


anyone found in possession or selling of beef will be fined Rs 10,000

jailed for five years

allows the slaughter of water buffaloes for carabeef

“We are doing everything legally, but these people harass us and disrupt our work for no reason,”

pink revolution to butcher cattle and export meat

"Apart from rendering people jobless, the immediate effect will be the spiralling price of other meats as people will be forced to gravitate to them,"

Anil Kably of The Bagel Shop, sees this as posturing by the Sangh Parivar which he expected since the government came to power in October, 2014. He finds the law, which criminalises beef, hilarious and wonders how the government would implement this law. He believes that the most impacted establishment would be the small burger shops and joints which were set up to primarily dish up beef-centric dishes.


How would the government verify whether the beef in the product was the legally approved carabeef?" 

our right to the freedom to choose that

[Hang in there, beef-lovers. We know the times are trying but we have one more piggy back ride lined up for you, so stay tuned!]