‘Malayali Aano?’ Is A Card Game For Every Malayali To Show Off Their Pop Culture

‘Malayali Aano?’ Is A Card Game For Every Malayali To Show Off Their Pop Culture
Malayali Aano?

Pop culture takes on different forms throughout India — Tamil Nadu may never get tired of Rajnikanth, Delhi will always boast of the food , and Mumbai will continue to be witness to Instagram stories from the Sea Link. A thriving yet under-appreciated version of pop culture, however, is that of Kerala and the Malayali youth.

‘Malayali Aano?’ embodies all that constitutes Malayali pop culture in the form of a card game - perfect for the quarantine! This ultra-niche game that serves up laughter and relatability like no other will have all the Malayalis feel closer than ever.

The card game is played by picking your most hilarious reply to a question picked earlier. If you truly are a ‘Thani Malayali’ (Proper Malayali), the points are in your bag. The cards have text written on them in Manglish (Malayalam as well as English), just to clear up any doubts one might have. Win the game, and prove yourself as a Malayali pop culture aficionado (until the next person beats you, of course)!

Watching two Malayalis meet and exclaim ‘Malayali aano?!’ is a marvel in itself, and the game simply embodies that enthusiasm, hilarity, and entertainment within a deck of cards. There isn’t much to ponder over — get your hands on a deck here, and go to town with some hardcore Malayali pop culture!

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