24 Of The Most Ingenious Mango Dishes Across Bombay

There is only one way to eat the king of fruits and you don't need to be embarrassed about it - mangoes were made to be a messy, glorious affair that end with mango juice smeared all over your face, hair, clothes - and possibly, elbows. The juicy seasonal treat is upon us as summer draws to its peak and there's no denying the excitement that  binds the country together (for once) in waiting for the first few succulent mango slices or the first decadent bowl of aam ras.

Salads & Appetisers

Let's keep it simple and kick it off with these light, delicious options.

I)            Alphonso and Crab Mango Salad with Jicama, Sweet Peppers and Cilantro Aioli

@ The Table

Where: Ground floor, Kalapesi Trust Building opposite Dhanraj Mahal, Below Hotel Suba Palace, Apollo Bunder Marg, Colaba.

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Cost: Worth every bit of that thousand note @ Rs. 850.

II)            Crispy Mango Specialty Maki @ Yuuka

Where: Palladium Hotel, Lower Parel.

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Cost: Breaking the bank never felt this good @ Rs. 1750 + taxes

III)            Asian Summer Salad @ Mamagoto

Where: Ground Floor, Gazebo House, Hill Road, Bandra West.

Asian Summer Salad, Mamagoto, india, mumbai, salad, leafy, green, healthy eating, summer, mangoes, alphanso

Cost:  Just about there @ Rs. 229 + taxes

Mango-Based Drinks

Summer = an eternal, unquenchable thirst; here are some refreshing drinks that should sort you out.

IV)          Alfie @ The White Owl Brewery and Bistro

Where: One Indiabulls Center, Tower 2 Lobby, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.

white owl, brewery, lower parel, mumbai, india, ale, mango, mango drink, summer, refreshing, cooler, cocktail

Cost: Sip that while you spend this and we swear it won’t hurt @ Rs. 345+ taxes for 300 ml and Rs. 495+ taxes for 500 ml.

V)            Indian Summer @ BlueFROG

Where: Mathuradas Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.

Indian Summer @ blueFROG

Cost: Only because it's so worth it @ Rs. 650 + taxes

VI)       Mango Falooda @ Badshah Snacks and Drinks

Where: Dr. DN Road, Crawford Market.

Mango Falooda @ Badshah Snacks

Cost: Spot on @ Rs. 90. Remember it’s for the hungry bargain hunters?

VII)          Mango Lassi @ Kailash Mandir

Where:  Opposite Dadar East Station

Mango Lassi @ Kailash Mandir. Image is used for representational purposes only. Source: adukkala.com

Cost: One more rupee really wouldn’t hurt @ Rs. 39

VIII) Mango Milkshake @ Bachelor’s Juice House

Where: 45 Sattar Sea View, Chowpatty Sea Face.

Mango Milkshake @ Bachelor's. Source: www.vegrecipesofindia.com

Cost: Sweet, sweet midground @ Rs. 225.

IX) Green Mango + Mint Margarita @ Sancho's

Where: Behind Apollo Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai

When the power of mangoes and alcohol combine, getting seconds isn't something that's up for much debate. Sancho's does it best with this green mango and mint margarita with tequila, raw mango and mint springs to make for a drink that is as refreshing as it is electric with flavours.

Green Mango & Mint Margarita @ Sancho's

Cost: Bottoms up, it's @ Rs 650

Main Course

Now that you're all warmed up, it's time to go in for the kill.

X)      Mango Sticky Rice @ Ellipsis

Where: Amarchand Mansion, 16 Madame Cama Road, Colaba, Mumbai

Mango Sticky Rice @ Ellipsis

Cost: This beauty's really worth your while @ Rs 750

XI) Raw Mango & Roasted Pumpkin Burger at Woodside Inn

Where: Wodehouse Road, opposite Regal Cinema, Woodside Inn, Colaba.

 This newly-introduced dish in Woodside Inn's Quarterly Special Menu is quite the showstopper, with the sesame-seed encrusted burger coming stuffed with a patty of raw mango, roasted pumpkin, mango chilli Sour and fenugreek and is guaranteed to leave you a happy camper.

Raw Mango & Roasted Pumpkin Burger @ Woodside Inn

Cost: Take a big bite @ Rs.425 + taxes

XII)  Mango-Chile Basa/Chicken @ Chili’s Grill and Bar

Where: 13, Ventura Building, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

Mango Chile Basa

Cost: What can we say? It's a good-looking dish @ Rs. 575 + taxes.


Okay - so we all knew this was the section it was all leading up to. Besides, the idea of 'main course' is all in your mind. Tuck in:

XIII) Mango Waffles @ Ellipsis

Where: Amarchand Mansion, 16 Madame Cama Road, Colaba, Mumbai

This one is particularly droolworthy and confirms our theory that 'too much' doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, at least when it comes to mangoes. Think mango cheesecake waffles served with mango lime sauce, fresh mango chunks on homemade cremer fraiche waffles. Just look at it:

Mango Waffles @ Ellipsis

Cost: This mango overload comes in pricey @ Rs 850

XIV)          Mango Compote Crepe @ Suzzette

Where: Ground Floor, Atlanta Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Suzzette Crepe. Image is used for representational purposes only. Source: edwardentertains.com

Cost: Summer indulgences taste pretty good @ Rs 260 + taxes

XV)           Crepes with Caramelized Mango, Choco Chips and Rum Butter Sauce @ Woodside Inn 

Where: Wodehouse Road, opposite Regal Cinema, Woodside Inn, Colaba.

Crepes with Caramelized, Mango, Choc Chips and Rum Butter Sauce @ Woodside Inn

Cost:  More than just reasonable especially considering the rum butter sauce @ Rs. 345 + taxes.

XVI)            Mystic Mango Tart @ The Sassy Spoon

Where: Ground Floor, Express Tower, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Nariman Point.

Fresh Mango Tart with a tender coconut pastry @ The Sassy Spoon

Cost: A tad bit overpriced @ Rs. 325 + taxes.

XVII)          Aam Ras @ Golden Star Thali

Where: 330 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, opposite Charni Road Station East.

Aam Ras at Golden Star Thali. Source: prathiruchi.com

Cost: Unlimited food for the win, the Thali's @ Rs. 280 on weekdays and Rs. 310  on weekends.

XVIII)          Mango Ice-Cream @ Taj Ice Cream

Where: 6/40 Bohri Mohalla, Saifee Ambulance Lane, Sayed Abu Mohammed Road, Null Bazar

Mango ice cream at The Taj. Image is used for representational purposes only. Source: www.askchefdennis.com

Cost: Just keep digging in till you find that answer, it's @ Rs. 40

XIX)          Mango Srikhand @ Jain Biscuit Center

Where: Station Road, opposite McDonald’s, Andheri West.

Mango Shrikhan @ Jain Biscuit Centre. Source: www.mykitchentweets.com

Cost:  This is our kind of weighing scale @ Rs. 70/250g.

XX)          Mango Cream @ Haji Ali Juice Center

Where: Lala Lajpatrai Road, Haji Ali Circle, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

Mango & Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre. Image Source: cookingfever.wordpress.com

Cost: With this flavour, we'd be happy to shell out more @ Rs. 220.

XXI)          Mango Tart @ Indigo Deli

Where: 1st Floor, Palladium Mall, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Mango Tart @ Indigo Deli.

Cost:  A little bit on the pricey side @ Rs 445

XXII)          Mango, liquorice with coconut sorbet @ Guppy

Where: Amateur Riders Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Guppy's carved a niche for itself in the city's landscape as a trendy Japanese restaurant, and it's their attention to detail that really sets them apart. The freshly chopped mango slices, liquorice and sinfully fresh coconut sorbet combine textures and flavours is a way that represents this perfectly, leaving you with a dessert that's fresh, sweet and slightly tangy.

Mango, liquorice with coconut sorbet @ Guppy

Cost: Go ahead and get that extra scoop of sorbet, it's @ Rs 350

XXIII)  Mango Cheesecake @ Love & Cheesecake

Where: Shop 10, Gagangiri, Off Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Cost: Your chance to truly have it all with an assortment of their signature mango desserts all in one box @ Rs. 1140. 

XXIV) Chilli & Fresh Mango Paletas @ Sancho's

Where: Behind Apollo Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai

Chlli & Alphonso Popsicles 2

Cost: Order a whole bunch it's @ Rs. 195

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