Meet Pranav Bakhshi - India’s Braveheart Model With Autism

Meet Pranav Bakhshi - India’s Braveheart  Model With Autism
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Pranav Bakhshi is taking the modelling world by storm by being the first superpowered autistic model to walk the runway. Now signed with a prominent Delhi-based modelling agency called Ninjas Model Management, run by supermodel Ninja Singh herself; Pranav has all the features of a professional model.

The Hindustan Times says, ‘Before signing up with the modelling agency, Pranav and his mother Anupama Bakhshi sent several emails to various modelling agencies in the country, but nobody showed interest. But with this modelling agency, which is promoting inclusivity in fashion, realised Pranav’s talent and gave him a chance to be a part of it. “He had those looks and trait that’s needed for a model and that was enough for me to sign him up with the agency,” says Ninja. “We as a company want to prove our patriotic acumen. It is the first time in history that India will represent such diversity like nowhere else in the world. We are proud that India will invigorate fashion is a very moralistic sense,” she adds. Pranav’s role model in modelling is Spanish supermodel Jon Kortajarena. Apart from fashion, Pranav is also interested in photography and plays golf.’

Pranav is an inspiration to all of us, especially those of us struggling with disabilities and tackling these preconceived notions. Breaking barriers in the modelling industry is no small feat. According to the Hindustan Times, ‘Pranav’s mother Anupama Bakhshi can’t be more proud of her son’s achievements. He was two, when she got to know about his condition. But she took things in her stride and made sure that she would let her son do whatever he wishes to do in his life and give him that space where he feels happy and content.’

Pranav has echolalia, which is a condition where you repeat what the person you are with says. Pranav also goes through strong feelings of anxiety and obsession. Albeit all of this, nothing is stopping Pranav from reaching the stars.

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