#MeToo – A List Of All The Men Who’ve Been Held Accountable For Their Actions So Far

#MeToo – A List Of All The Men Who’ve Been Held Accountable For Their Actions So Far

In October 2018, we had taken the editorial decision to empower the #MeToo narrative in India by chronicling the several male individuals who had been held accountable for their actions. However, we failed to investigate both sides of the stories thoroughly and for that we apologise.

This is not to discredit the movement as a whole, let alone be insensitive to the pain and trauma of the victims. We are fully aware that some of these accused men were proven guilty. We hope that more silenced stories see the light of day and the perpetrators of such vile crimes face the consequences they deserve.

But looking at the strange nature of internet’s self-proclaimed justice system, we can’t help but feel the need for a nuanced approach towards all of this. While we apologise for not having a conclusive and just solution ourselves, we would like to do our bit to a more unbiased social justice construct.

This is why we felt the need to retract the previously mentioned names. As a publication which hadn’t taken the sincere efforts to completely investigate the cases, we feel its only right that we shouldn’t approach a delicate issue like this from an uniformed place. This results in constructing a skewed narrative in the minds of our readers.

We hope to inculcate a habit in our readers to seek and pursue complete and unbiased factual information from reliable sources. Our intent is to contribute in creating a safe space for all genders, everywhere. And this is our step towards that.

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