Move Over Barbies & Opt For Homegrown ‘Gudda-Gudiya’s By Johargram

Move Over Barbies & Opt For Homegrown ‘Gudda-Gudiya’s By Johargram

Ashish Satyavrat Sahu’s Johargram is one of the leading labels providing a homegrown spin to ethical and sustainable streetwear. Johargram seeks to promote the wondrous textiles of Jharkhand and aims to popularise the traditional medium.

The label reflects the designer’s love for all things Jharkhandi and seeks to connect the average consumer to their roots by promoting local crafts and textiles in the emerging streetwear market.

Channelling the spirit of authentic artistry beyond garments and showcasing Indian handloom’s mettle, the label dropped its one-of-a-kind ‘Gudda-Gudiya’ collection recently.

Gudda Gudiya Collection

The label’s take on the Jharkhandi ‘Gudiya’ (doll) has been accredited to be the brainchild of Ms Shoba Kumari, a local artist based in Ranchi who’s been mastering the art for 20 years. A closer glimpse at the doll reveals intricate elements paying homage to the tribal culture and communities.

A traditional doll maker by profession, Shobha has dedicated her life to finessing the art of doll making that has managed to amass global recognition. The ideation process behind the craft pays homage to the tribal communities that Kumari visits and observes to curate an authentic collection. These dolls are completely eco-friendly, made out of saw dusts, fabric, and clay.

Gudda Gudiya collection

What makes the homegrown doll stand out in a market brimming with plastic dolls and Barbie prototypes is the meticulous artistry and intrinsic detailing engraved into the local for vocal toy product. The doll-making process is said to take a staggering 20 hours of craftsmanship.

Delicate saree-clad, doll figures carrying earthen pots and others, adorned in the traditional dhoti-kurta denoting the vibrant and vivid culture of Jharkhand, mark this collection.

 During the last lockdown, the demand for promoting homegrown products including Made in India Dolls grew significantly due to political influence. We have given a platform to the dolls which represents Jharkhand in an honest and authentic manner, which can attract the people living in all the nooks and corners of the world towards Jharkhand, encouraging them to know and learn about its crafts and textiles.

— Ashish Satyavrat Sahu

The homegrown label is stepping beyond the commercial aspect to opt for a more globalised branding that introduces Indian silhouettes and craftsmanship on an international level and strengthens the handloom sector.

From using wholly Indian textiles and raw materials to shipping international orders through India Post, Johargram is making waves with its swadeshi approach.

It’s time to move over westernised Barbie dolls and embrace the homegrown toy takeover – one Jharkhandi Gudiya at a time!

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