Mumbai, Celebrate Queerness With Gaysi Family On A Night Of Music, Theatre, & Poetry

be-lovedGaysi Family

Gaysi Family, a media platform and safe zone for queer desis that holds space for queer folx from across Southeast Asia to share their stories and experiences , is bringing a celebration to Mumbai with their latest theatre production, 'be-loved' — a kaleidoscopic exploration of queer love and companionship through an enthralling evening of theatre, music, poetry and movement. The piece draws from powerful writings from desi queer history and literature weaving a rich tapestry of the dynamic and evolving conversations the community is currently engaging with, in the form of songs, satire, musical storytelling, and more.

Gaysi Family exist to tell quintessentially queer stories by queer folx for queer folx across all possible mediums. Theatre, particularly its urban metropolitan version, had long been a medium capturing only a handful of experiences and they hope to expand its possibilities to include the lives and stories of all the myriad people that exist within these spaces. This Pride month, in their latest theatre production, Gaysi Family has gone through the archives of queer history and literature to uncover for the community queer and desi stories of love, connection and family.

The collaboration between Gaysi Family and Tamasha Theatre embodies their shared ethos of storytelling, encompassing personal and community narratives. Gaysi Family goes beyond traditional understandings of queerness, embracing it as a philosophy, politics, and sensibility that embraces alternatives to the normative structures of contemporary society. Meanwhile, Tamasha Theatre explores new ideas and talent, engaging audiences through a broad definition of theatre and the arts. Their focus on intimate spaces fosters a deeper connection between performers and viewers. Together, they strive to present powerful narratives that reflect personal experiences, resonate with the diverse queer community, challenge societal norms, and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

'be-loved' will take place in antiSOCIAL, Mumbai with two shows at 5.30PM & 8PM. Doors open 1 hour prior to the show and the Be-loved Pride Party starts 9.30PM onwards. Entry is free. To get tickets, email Gaysi Family with your RSVP here.

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