Mumbai, Come Dance With Us At The #HGBackToSchool Warehouse Party

Mumbai, Come Dance With Us At The #HGBackToSchool Warehouse Party
Jazreel Nathan

Harnidh Kaur, a poet, said on her Instagram account that the reason our generation is so attracted to nostalgia is possibly because it sells us an idea of permanence. With technology and social media, we now live in a time when everything is rushed, immediate, and fleeting. So it’s no surprise that our generation loves and cherishes markers of a forgotten past, whether it’s our school uniforms tucked into a tiny corner of our wardrobe or Sean Paul’s “Temperature” that keeps our feet jamming no matter where we are. Some of our safest spaces were in school, in the back of classrooms, in the open fresh air of our playgrounds or the local café we all went to after where we made girlfriends, boyfriends, tuition friends, and best friends for life.

If you want to take a much-needed break from being an adult with responsibilities, you’ve come to the right place. Homegrown wants to take you back to a time when the air was saltier, milk was sweeter, tunes were funkier, and life was simpler. We want to embrace the loveable ‘80s and ‘90s decades, the era of our first crushes, tazos and trump cards (some of us still play, no judgement!) canteen food, and school assemblies, but still make those nostalgic moments meaningful and purposeful.

At our ‘Back to School’ party, you’ll not only engage in a funny and satirical workshop on sex education that’ll make you giggle like you’re in a Biology class in the ninth grade but also gorge on Boozy Bournvita, spaghetti sandwiches, and more at the ‘Canteen.’ Then, once ‘school’ is dismissed, the warehouse space will transform into a dance party filled with ‘90s-themed décor from cassettes and geometry boxes to disco balls and arcade games.

We want to celebrate nostalgia with you, sing and dance the night away to our favourite throwback songs with you, and relive your most fun and adored of a sweeter, older time at our big #HGBackToSchool bash! So please join us on November 24 at Famous Studio from 7 p.m. onwards. For college students, entry fees is Rs. 300 if you carry your college IDs as proof and for everyone else, its Rs. 400.

If you haven’t already, RSVP for the event here and volunteer to help out here.

Feature image by: Jazreel Nathan

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