Mumbai's First Pod Hotel Is Here - And It Looks Super Snug!

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Futurism; a word initially only associated with an international art movement in Italy that shared a love for all things speedy, noisy, machine-led, polluted and urban. Today, it is a word entirely synonymous with the 21st century, finding a place for itself at the table in various industries—the latest one to join the fray being the hotel industry.

Inspired by Japan and Singapore’s pod hotels, Mumbai’s budget hotels may have just been blown out of the water by the newest addition to the scene — Urbanpod. The hotel is Mumbai’s (and India’s!) first ever pod hotel, and is conveniently located right near several public transit options, as well as the Domestic and International Mumbai Airport. The hotel combines futuristic concepts, with minimalism, to give modern travellers just the right amount of comfort, in style, all at a reasonable price.

They profile themselves as the ideal location for new-age smart travellers, who desire a fuss-free and convenient stay, at a humble price. First things first, for those unfamiliar with what a pod is, here’s an idea — it’s like your own personal bubble, in the physical form of a capsule. No human interaction, just personal space meant for you, and only you, including a bed, a power socket, and adjustable settings to control the lighting and temperature within. Built by Formwerkz in Singapore, the luxury accommodation on a budget has a total of 140 pods including Classic Pods, Suite Pods, Private Pods and an area dedicated to Ladies-only Pods.

The Classic Pod. Image Credit: Kavita Sharma, Twitter.

The Classic Pods might make you feel as though you’re shacking up in a dorm, but once you’re within your own personal pod, privacy isn’t an issue. If you aren’t quite comfortable with that though, you can upgrade to the Private Pods. Suite Pods are apt for travellers who wish to share a room. It has a queen-sized bed, walking space, and a window. The Ladies-only Pods have an exclusive area cordoned off, for independent female travellers.

Urbanpod's Dining Area. Image Credit: Urbanpod.

Breakfast and Wi-Fi (the only two things we’d ever need, to be honest) are on the house. You would think the only downside of the pod life would be the common bathing facilities, but when they’re as fancy as the ones in Urbanpod, you tend to skim past that tiny detail.

Prices start from INR 2175 per night for the Exclusive Ladies-only Pods and Classic Pods, to INR 2400 for a Private Pod. Suite Pods are more expensive at INR 2850 per night.

We’d suggest you start making reservations ASAP to avail of these introductory prices. To book a room (or pod) at Urbanpod, click here.

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