Mumbai Startup's Solar Dryer Helps Farmers By Increasing Shelf Life & Income

Mumbai Startup's Solar Dryer Helps Farmers By Increasing Shelf Life & Income
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No part of being a farmer in India allows respite –– performing hours of physical labour with returns that are far from plentiful, they live day-to-day with meagre wages. From seasonal changes to water conservation, and wholesale costs to shelf life, farmers go above and beyond to keep them and their families satisfied.

Mumbai startup S4S Technologies is aiding their lives in a small yet impactful way –– using a solar dryer (their patented technology), perishable foods are preserved for up to a year, without the use of any preservatives or chemicals. Its use puts farmers in a position where the shelf life of their produce is increased, costs are reduced, and income is gained.

Founded by Vaibhav Tidke in 2014, the startup sells these dried and preserved foods to over 250 B2B customers that use them for products like soups, flavoured foods and more. This includes companies like Marico, Sodexo and the Indian Railways. S4S also supplies it to commercial kitchens that use dried versions of produce in their preparations.

S4S Technologies is easing some of the burden off the farmers –– it may not be a solution to their woes, but is a rather large initiative to encourage farmers to not only expand their business, but open up to autonomy over their hard work and commitment.

Find S4S Technologies here.

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