Delicious Vegan Ice Cream For A Guilt-Free Summer Treat

Delicious Vegan Ice Cream For A Guilt-Free Summer Treat
Sucres Des Terres

Over the past few years, the food industry has been seeing an important change. More and more people around the world are embracing veganism and the industry has had to accommodate this new demand. As much as the choice is a voluntary one taken for ethical reasons, it is a difficult one nonetheless. Especially if you, have a major sweet-tooth and don’t know where to find vegan-friendly options. You don’t need to worry, because we have you covered. To add to the list of our personal favourite vegan desserts in Mumbai is The Coco Collection – an entirely vegan line of ice-creams by Sucres Des Terres. This artisanal creamery is churning unique flavours using the freshest of ingredients and their newest creations are a real treat for both vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant.

The Coco Collection is series of delectable, coconut-based ice creams that have been made entirely without dairy. Customers can try any of their three new flavours: Pina Coco, which harmoniously blends fresh pineapple and tropical spices with a smooth coconut undertone; Coco-Coco, a heavenly flavour made with the sweetest coconut milk and the richest coconut cream; and Choco-Coco, a divine treat that harmoniously blends 70% dark Belgian chocolate with a luscious coconut finish. These indulgences for all have been inspired by the white sands and turquoise waters of beautiful beaches and is redolent of warm summer days, swaying coconut trees and a laid-back vibe.

We personally believe that ice-cream has therapeutic qualities - it can cure everything from a bad day to heartbreak. So if you feel like getting yourself a scoop of sweet heaven, while still sticking to a clean diet, it’s time to explore the world of dairy-free ice creams at Sucres Des Terres!

Address: 24 Rashid Mansion, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli


Choco-Coco: INR 850 plus taxes (500ml jar)

Pina Coco: INR 750 plus taxes (500ml jar)

To know more place orders please click here or call +91 9920985880

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