Mumbai’s 10 Best Cold Coffees Are The Perfect Caffeine Fix

Mumbai’s 10 Best Cold Coffees Are The Perfect Caffeine Fix

No matter the season, no matter the temperature, caffeine is simply a non negotiable ingredient as far as we’re concerned. There is very little that comforts one’s soul in this weather as the thought of a glass of cold coffee, in all its different versions. From the standard glass of frothy goodness to the elegant ‘cold brew’ in keepsake bottles, we’re almost thankful for this heat. If you’re looking for the next best thing to replace your morning cuppa in this sunshine, we’ve got your back with this list of the best damn cold coffees around town.

Roasting beans, all day everyday. The Blue Tokai is a familiar name to all coffee lovers and their summer-line of cold brews has never seemed more promising. The Nitro Coffee is unlike any other cold caffeinated concoction; the brew is passed through nitrogen gas, which gives it a creamy beer like froth. So sit back and enjoy the summer’s day with your bubbly cuppa of cold brew - best enjoyed with one of their butter croissants.

Additional note: You can attend their ‘Roasting Day’ which is held twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday.

Cost: Rs. 170

Image Credit: Mumbai Foodie

Cafe Zoe isn’t an unfamiliar to anyone who has stayed in Mumbai for over a week. This summer, they’re serving four unique flavours of cold brew to make sure that you get your daily dose of caffeine in the most refreshing manner possible. Their blend is intricate concoction of hand-picked beans from Chikmaglur and promise you an even bolder flavour in their beverages. They’re fully loaded with four different flavours such as the Cold Brew Malt (cold brew with muddled orange, malt syrup and tonic), the Bubbly Cold Brew Americano (iced black coffee with soda and lime), Cold Brew con Leche (milk based cold brew with liquid sugar) and the Affogato (a cold brew espresso shot served with chocolate chip cookie).

Cost: Ranges from Rs.120-190

This spot, meaning Community in Greek, is a space that considers coffee brewing and consumption as a ritual and strictly believe in making sure that no one should have to pay an arm and a leg for something as essential to life as coffee. KCR Cold Brew is made using only the finest single-origin Arabica beans sourced directly from award-winning Indian farms. A special filtration system enhances the coffee’s natural sweetness and flavour making for a refreshingly smooth, dark chocolate taste. And if that’s not enough, you can buy a bottle of their cold brew for just Rs. 150!

Cost: Rs. 170 for the Iced Latte

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IV. The Pantry’s Cold Coffee

There is hope and rejuvenation at the end of your long summer day, and it comes in the form of tall drink of cold brew. And The Pantry is a place that does not mess around with your coffee. After soaking their beans for over 12 hours, the resulting brew is just the perfect balance of bitterness and acidity, giving you the quintessential glass of cold coffee.

Price: Rs. 195* (Regular: 200ml / Grande: 300ml)

Some may argue that coffee is a science, and the La Folie Lab is clear on which side of that debate it takes. And like all labs, only the best of equipment must be used to make the perfect potions. In addition to using a renaissance-era apparatus to make their cold brew, the drink is served it in a shot glass, encased in another cooling gel glass.

Cost: Rs. 140

Credit: Free Press Journal

“Dues Ex Machina” is an ancient Greek theatrical device that refers to when a hopeless situation is rectified by a force similar to that of God. Sounds a bit like your daily cup of coffee doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Vishal Sainani when launching his own line of cold brew, Brew Ex Machina. This formula was a result of three years of careful research, coffee-roasting seminars and even a roast profile experimentation. And if that’s not enough, apart from the bottles cold brews, the man is now using his coffee to make silk smooth cocktails at The Daily Bar & Kitchen.

Cost: Rs. 300 for a bottle of 180ml concentrate can make up to 4 drinks

Let’s be real - there are good cold coffees, and then there are legends. This one right here will go down in freakin history. One cup of this, and you’re good to go for a while to come. Sieve through every comment and review on every possible website on this delectable beauty- they don’t say otherwise.

Cost: Rs. 120

In a market dominated by the Starbucks’ and Cafe Coffee Days of the country, the Tea Villa Cafe has planted its flag of domination in every coffee lover’s heart. Simple yet beyond satisfying, this quaint chain of cafes knows how to treat your scorching summer afternoons with their premium Cappuccino Frost. This caffeinated blizzard with a slight sprinkle of cinnamon is the ultimate middle-finger to the blistering heat, and it only leaves you wanting more.

Cost: Rs. 195

Nothing can go wrong with a nice cool glass of cold coffee from our good old friend, Keventers. The milkshake joint is now also offering sugar free cold coffee for all those in preference of the bitterness that usually comes with their caffeine.

Cost: Cold Coffee - Rs. 99 for a small, Rs. 150 for a large
Cold Coffee Sugar Free - Rs. 115 for a small, Rs. 175 for a large

Credit: EatTreat

For many, the summer turns into a two-month-long-Sunday. But for others, the 9-5 hours don’t stop and the heat has a way of drowsing them into stupor at the desk. And that’s where the Boston Cupcakery’s got your back. Their chilled and refreshing Cold Espresso Macchiato will not only keep you energised while you’re on the grind, but also keep the rising temperature at bay.

(Warning: Not for daily consumption, you might just stay awake through the next week. Try the Cold Cappuccino instead, at Rs. 180)

Cost: Rs. 180

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