14 Scrumptious Wraps And Rolls For Mumbaikars On The Go

14 Scrumptious Wraps And Rolls For Mumbaikars On The Go

Time crunches and looming deadlines abound in the city that is always on the move, and it’s when you need them most that those not-so-elusive rolls, wraps and shawarmas rise to the occasion to rescue millennials from the clutches of their perpetual munchies. Undoubtedly the best pick for those who’re looking for something quick and delicious on the go, we feel like we don’t show enough love for these simple dishes that always leave us with a happy heart and a happier belly.

Being very much caught up in the whirlwind ourselves, we decided to take some time out for the wrap party that’s easy on the pocket and has never failed us - whether it’s a reluctant summer day lunches we’re on the prowl for or an inebriation-induced midnight craving that you can’t fall asleep without satiating. Moreover, if you thought that people can’t get creative with a roll, think again. From lobster kimchi egg fillings to turkish chicken gyros, this city’s found a way to amp up the basics any way they can.

Without further ado, here’s our tribute filled with much love for what is, perhaps, the most under-appreciated choice of meal in this sleepless city.

[And yes, yes, we know. Nobody died and made us food lords. If we’ve missed out on any of your favourites, let us know in the comments section below.] 

I. Chicken Roll at Chote Miyan

Where: Yari Road, Deepti Kalyan Complex, Near Vimla Hospital, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

This unassuming joint in Yari Road is generally overrun with school and college students in the evenings, and has easily been serving at least a hundred customers a day, over the past 15 years. Crunchy, piping hot kebabs and juicy rolls take centre stage, and the chicken roll here is a perennial favourite, made of maida, tender chunks of chicken cooked in masala, served with green chutney and chopped onions. You think it sounds like everything else but it certainly doesn’t taste like it.

Chicken Roll at Chote Miyan; representational image. Source: www.fastkitchen.com

Other Options We Love: The mutton roll and egg rolls, equally delicious, are other great options for you to pig out on.

II. Egg Takatak Roll at Mumbai Tawa

Where: DN Nagar, Andheri West

It’s the law of the land: rolls taste better when they’ve slid right off the hot tawa and onto your plates, and Mumbai Tawa’s scrumptious fare is no exception. Their egg takatak roll is juicy and delicious, stuffed with filling cooked in a masterful blend of spices, with a lingering tangy flavour that’ll have you coming back for more. In fact, it’s so addictive, we’ve become a little suspicious about its real contents but life without these rolls is too terrifying a world to even imagine so that’s the end of our detective trouble. Word of advice--definitely don’t wait till you get home to bite into these spicy, mouthwatering offerings – and always pack extra for the drive.

Egg Roll at Mumbai Tawa; representational image. Source: r-o.in

Other Options We Love: The well-spiced chicken seekh kathi roll is another dish that steals the show at this roadside eatery, and we hear the paneer tikka roll is pretty decent as well. Just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.

III. Double Chicken Roll at Hangla’s – The Taste of Kolkata

Where: Opposite Amarsons, 269, Linking Road (Bandra)

Hangla’s has carved a niche for itself in the street food landscape of Mumbai with its signature Kolkata-style rolls, and outlets that can be found scattered all over the city. The double-stuffed chicken roll is a beast on a plate, mouthwatering, full of flavour and bundled into a warm, crisp paratha. Finishing touch? The special kashundi or mustard sauce that they put into all their rolls.

Double Chicken Roll at Hangla's. Representational image; source" rishabhlovesfood.blogspot.com

Other Options We Love: The guys at Hangla’s really know how to treat their eggs right, with the egg roll coming with a fried egg, freshly chopped green chillies and onion wrapped in a fresh paratha to make for a sumptuous, filling snack. The double mutton roll and paneer roll are similarly delicious, and if there’s one thing you can always find at Hangla’s, it’s got to be real value for money.

IV. Chicken Tikka Roll at Ayub’s

Where: Kala Ghoda, Fort

This humble joint has been serving up great food to countless insomniacs and hungover party-goers for the past 30 years, being open till the wee hours of the night. If you’ve had a long night of inebriation and are near Kala Ghoda - the chicken tikka roll at Ayub’s might be just the thing to sort you out. Chunks of flavourful chicken in red masala stuffed into a roti come served with a spicy green and red chutney, lemons and finely chopped onions. All the right kinds of of greasy and heavenly.

Chicken Tikka at Ayub's; representational image. Source: zoinkmediablog.wordpress.com

Other Options We Love: The seekh kebab roll is another divine offering at Ayub’s, cooked in a white masala and served with the same sides and if you want to keep it simple, try the baida roti – a simple omelette and kheema roll that knows just how to hit the spot.

V. Chicken Shawarma at Carter’s Blue

Where: Carter Road, opposite Café Coffee Day, Bandra (West)

Carter’s Blue needs no introduction, having become a landmark in itself in Bandra; twice over, in fact, as they’ve even opened a second branch on the same stretch of the popular Carter Road. Inarguably the go-to shawarma place in the area, the chicken shawarma here is filled with succulent chicken pieces, pickled cucumber and carrot chunks, all doused in a lip-smacking garlic mayo. Satiating and delicious, these taste best with some of their freshly squeezed juices.

Chicken Shawarma at Carter Blue; representational image. Source: www.recipesfab.com

Other Options We Love: The aromatic mutton bhuna roll is another option that might vie for your attention – remember: when in doubt, always pick both.

VI. Chicken Roll with Cheese at BreadKraft

Where: Lokhandwala market

This Lokhandwala joint has been a constant beacon for fans of frankies over the years. The chicken roll with cheese is spicy and extremely filling with its generous stuffing, and as long as you tell them to go easy on the oil – this is one decision you’re not going to regret.

Chicken and cheese frankie; representational image. Source: Breadkraft

VII. Mutton Galouti Kebab Rolls at Kakori House

Where: Andheri

Specialising in Awadhi cuisine, Kakori House has had us singing praises for their biryanis and as it turns out, their rolls don’t lag behind either. Their mutton galouti kebab rolls are to die for, with the mutton melting into your mouth with the first bite. They also have options between roomali roti and paratha so you get to decide exactly what makes you happiest.

Mutton Galouti Kebab Roll @ Kakori House; representational image. Source: finelychoppedk.wordpress.com

VIII. Malai Chicken Tikka Roll at Mezbaan

Where: Colaba

Is there anything in the world as heavenly as malai chicken? The rolls counter at this joint can be found right outside their restaurant in Colaba, and delicious, marinated seekh kebabs await glorious grilling before the succulent pieces that just melt in your mouth are stuffed into a roti for the best kind of pick-me-up.

Malai Chicken Roll at Mezbaan; representational image. Source: yashnafoods.com

IX. Chicken Sausage Roll at The J

Where: Churchgate

Frequented by throngs of college students for their famous French Fries dishes, the rolls at The J are often an overlooked delight. Smoked chicken sausage comes wrapped with freshly chopped onions, served with mayo and chilli sauce in this bundle that’s definitely not to be missed out on.

Chicken Sausage Roll at The J. Source: ereceipeguide.com

And...it’s time for the rolls that take things up a notch. Trust this lot to add finesse and creativity to an otherwise simple culinary concept.

X. Goan Chicken Chilli Fry Roll at The Bombay Canteen

Where: Kamla Mills, Lower Parel

Bombay Canteen’s tiffin-box offerings are undeniably quaint, and the Goa Chicken Chilli Fry roll here is an all-day option that’s just a world of flavour in itself. The onions, garlic, ginger and overall heat of the chilli fry is balanced out masterfully by the citric lime juice, and the blanket of roti is the finishing touch that makes it medley of flavours to remember.

Goan Chicken Chilli Fry Paratha Rolls at Bombay Canteen.

XI. Pepper Chicken Roll at Indigo Deli

Where: Colaba

Indigo Deli, by now, is pretty much synonymous with classy interiors and charming wooden panelling not to mention top-notch quality food, and the pepper chicken roll here sets the benchmark for all things wrap-related. Sauteed onions meet cilantro pesto and marinated pepper chicken in an egg and roomali roti that just demands gluttony.

at Indigo Deli. Source: cravecookclick.com

XII. MM..Maroosh

Where: High Street Phoenix Mall, 462, Senapati Bapat Marg

The aromas wafting from Maroosh alone are enough to fire up an appetite and with ten outlets dotting the city of Mumbai, let’s just say this one’s been dishing up the good grub to Mumbaikars for a while now. The chicken shawarma, a dish we can’t wax eloquent nearly enough about, is something you can always bank on these guys to get right. Filling, delicious and full of flavour – hangover remedy and insomnia cure – this one dons many roles, not to mention it’s super easy on your pocket.

Chicken Makhani Roll at MM..Maroosh. Source: brandedbawi.com

Other Options We Love: The chicken Makhani roll and chicken Bhuna roll are other divine options that’ll leave you a happy camper.

XIII. Lobster Rangoon Kimchi Egg Rolls at Ellipsis

Where: Colaba

With Chef Kel C, you’re guaranteed to always be in good hands while also being on a gastronomic journey that’s off the well-trodden path. The lobster Rangoon kimchi egg rolls with the traditional Korean spicy and sour kimchi, glorious sriracha cream cheese, caramelised onions and mango sweet and sour sauce, are what he’s got whipped up for this wrap party, and trust us, you want to be in on this one.

Lobster Roll at Ellipsis

XIV. Turkish Chicken Gyro Roll at Café at the NCPA

Where: NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Evenings at the NCPA café with endless amounts of chai would be incomplete without their delicious Turkish Chicken Gyro Roll to go with; grilled chicken is wrapped in pita bread slathered with hot sauce, garlic sauce and yoghurt-based tzatziki in a culinary feat that’s a perennial favourite.

Turkish Gyro Roll @ Cafe NCPA.

Other Options We Love: The falafel gyro roll with hot sauce and tzatziki and the good old galli Omelette Kathi Roll, a simple masala omelette affair, are other options to give a shot.

Special Mention: Chicken & Bacon Gyro at Greko

Where: Ground Floor, Gagangiri Building, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

The humble wrap dons many roles (no pun intended) and the Greek gyro found at Homegrown’s personal go-to restaurant has probably been one of our favourite culinary discoveries this side of town. Tender chicken straight from the spit, crisp bacon bits, fries, crisp lettuce, tomato, onion homemade tzatziki all come wrapped in warm pita bread; one crunch into this divine gyro and you’ll feel like you’ve discovered the meaning of life.

Chicken and bacon gyro at Greko. Image is used for representational purposes only. Source: cravecookclick.com

[And yes, yes, we know. Nobody died and made us food lords. If we’ve missed out on any of your favourites, let us know in the comments section below.] 

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