Beer Popsicles Anyone? Mumbai’s 17 Unique Ice Creams You Need Right Now

Beer Popsicles Anyone? Mumbai’s 17 Unique Ice Creams You Need Right Now

While we’re not exactly thrilled about the never-ending heat wave that’s been upon us most of this year, we’ve always been cone half-full people. If there’s one thing that makes us a little less lethargic these days, it’s the thought of a delicious, creamy scoop of ice-cream.

As one of those desserts that’s universally voted as number one all over the world, it goes without saying that we all have our own versions. India has kulfi, Italy has gelato, France has parfait and the list goes on. But considering it’s been around since the second century B.C. according to some, it’s even more natural that it’s gone through many flavours and forms. Luckily for us, dessert maestros aren’t done with the innovation just yet, either. Keeping that in mind, we’ve shortlisted some of the most unique ice creams to be had across Mumbai.

With flavours as unique as beer, bacon, and masala chai, going out for ice cream may never be the same again.

I. Beer Popsicles at The White Owl

Freshly brewed beer turned into iced lollies and served on a base of butter cookie crumbs. Okay, hold up, we hear angels singing.

 Cost: Can we get a hallelujah at Rs. 260

II. Blue Cheese And Honey Ice Cream at Caramel Carousel

If you’ve never experienced what happens to your palate when you mix the strong taste of blue cheese with the soothing mellow notes of honey, this ice cream could change your life. (Review note: Number provided reaches “Bono Boutique Ice-cream” and same flavour of 500 ml costs Rs. 750/ while 125 ml costs Rs. 210)

 Cost: Half a kilo of life-changing happiness at Rs. 600

III. Bubbling Kulfi at Spice Klub

This vegetarian eatery at Lower Parel is known for its molecular approach to food. Its deconstructed vada pav and test tube paani puri are hits, as are some of its desserts. But the one that really gets us is the Bubbling Kulfi (this costs Rs. 615) . Their take on everyone’s favourite Indian ice cream is served in a flask with liquid nitrogen and five different flavourings—rose, chocolate, rabdi, caramel and blueberry.

Cost: Rs. 355 for a magical experience

IV. Chocolate Raspberry Sphere at Hakkasan

Hakkasan’s Chocolate Raspberry Sphere is the kind of decadent dessert we treat ourselves to once in a way. It consists of a sphere made of chocolate and raspberry on top of a cake crumble that’s served with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Dig in and don’t share.

Cost: Fancy but fulfilling at Rs. 350

V. Chocolate Truffle and Whiskey Ice Cream at Gallops

Gallops at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse has an enviable view, a staggeringly huge menu, and now, these delicious little chocolate truffles with their amazing in-house whisky ice cream. As if the richness of those truffles weren’t enough, the smooth texture of an ice cream with hints of whisky running through it is definitely going to get your heart racing.

Cost: Totally worth it at Rs. 330

VI. Dark Chocolate and Candied Ginger at Sucres des Terres

Few spices compliment chocolate as well as ginger does. It adds a layer of depth and warmth to the chocolate that’s very hard to resist.

 Cost: Please your palate starting Rs. 750

VII. Drunken Waffle Sundae at Indigo Deli

It’s probably best to make this your meal—instead of attempting to finish a deli-size portion of anything—before tackling one of these sundaes. First, come deep-dish waffles. Then, come scoops of rum & raisin and chocolate ice creams, granola, jelly, fresh cream and rum anglaise.

Cost: Popping that top button on your trousers has never felt so good at Rs. 645

VIII. Green Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s

Everyone’s favourite late night ice cream joint has been around for ages. Next time you swing by, try their Green Chilli Ice Cream. Beware: you can’t see the chillies, but the spice lurks on the inside.

Cost: A spicy scoop comes to Rs. 60 

IX. Guava Glory at Apsara Ice Cream

Apsara at Walkeshwar has been dedicatedly serving ice cream to legions of fans for years. No summer night is complete without a massive traffic snarl outside their store as people grapple to get indoors and order their favourite ice creams to go. While most go for traditional options, we suggest the Guava Glory. It’s delicious and just what summer calls for. Plus, they even sprinkle chaat masala on top.

Cost: Rs. 280 for half a kilo of sweet-yet-tangy goodness

X. Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream at Kofuku

Green tea ice cream is the classic end to a Japanese meal. It’s made from pounded sticky rice with an ice cream filling and puts a confectionary twist to ending your meal with green tea.

Cost: Don’t be put off by the colour, they’re delicious at Rs.250

XI. Guava Chilli Sorbet at The Sassy Spoon

The sourness of guava mixed with the searing heat of red chillies, the deep warmth of black pepper and a tongue-tingling dash of chaat masala.

Cost: Adventure in a scoop at Rs. 375

XII. Lemongrass Ice Cream by Bina’s Homemade Ice Creams

Bina Doshi makes delicious unique ice creams from her South Mumbai workshop and all her ice creams are hand churned. Try the Lemongrass; it’s incredibly refreshing. She only makes ice creams on order, so you know you’re always getting fresh stuff.

Cost: Rs. 365 per litre

XIII. Orange-Apricot Ice Cream at Soam

Soam’s endless queues are usually for its delicious food, but in the peak of summer you’ll find those waiting for a table simultaneously bemoaning the heat and lusting after this restaurant’s Orange-Apricot Ice Cream. Doesn’t get much better than a refreshing fruit blast when the mercury soars.

Cost: At Rs. 170, order multiple scoops

XIV. Nolen Gur Ice Cream at Oh! Calcutta

As kids, we would sneak little lumps of gur from our kitchen stores and gobble them up away from the prying eyes of our parents. As adults, we may not resort to such behaviour, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our love for good ol’ gur. The best way for any mature, respectable adult to scarf down this sweet treat is by way of ice cream, and Oh! Calcutta’s Nolen Gur ice cream is a real treat.

Cost: Super pocket friendly at Rs. 140

XV. Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream at Café by the NCPA

We’ll confess we aren’t crazy about prunes, but when they meet Armagnac in a sweet marriage of flavour the result is not something to be trifled with. This decadent treat is an absolute winner and one serving is usually not enough.

Cost: A mature dessert at a reasonable Rs. 275

XVI. Sea Salt And Truffle Ice Cream at Yuuka

The salt in this ice cream seriously heightens the rich truffle flavour, adding a new dimension of taste, while the three accompanying tofu balls coated in sesame add texture.

Cost: Intensity in a bowl at Rs. 850

XVII. The Big Bang Theory at Joss

This one is as unique as they come. To be honest, it’s more of a unique dessert with ice cream playing a central role, than a unique ice cream by itself. A special silicon mat is laid down at your table, and the chef lays out the universe in front of you—crème brulee for planets; drizzles of mango, chocolate and raspberry sauces for orbits; crushed nougat for stardust and stars made of meringue. The piece de resistance is a meringue bomb in the centre (Earth) that breaks open to release cream, ice cream and blueberry coulis. The Big Bang Theory is a live dessert demo that no one should miss out on.

Cost: Expensive at Rs. 1,850, but the experience makes it worth it 

—Special Mention—

Ice Cream Sandwiches at K Rustom’s

No article on ice cream in Mumbai is complete without the mention of the legendary K Rustom’s at Churchgate. We’ve been addicted to their ice cream sandwiches since we were kids. They were once a weekend novelty thanks to our parents but now that we can buy them ourselves we tend to stop by a lot more often. They have an exhaustive range of flavours ranging from regular chocolate and coffee, to fruity offerings including papaya, mango and strawberry, and even rather more unique flavours like ginger lemon. Stop by and take your time to browse the chalkboard menu before deciding on one (or five).

Cost: Rs. 80, a pittance for nostalgia 

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