Mumbai's 31 Best Breakfast Dishes For Every Budget (2016 Homegrown Guide)

Breakfast In Mumbai
Breakfast In Mumbai

Breakfasts, for most of the swarming millennials taking over this city, might largely consist of a cigarette, some mouthwash and a serious frenzy to get to work/their first meeting/the least crowded train—despite numerous warnings that it might just be the most important meal of our day, that is. But on those few odd days you do remember that there’s no simpler or greater pleasure in life than a leisurely (or not so leisurely) morning meal, you should know that this city is still your friend. As serious breakfast champions ourselves, last year, we had put together a list of our favourite breakfast spots around town, replete with every detail you’d ever need about them.
This year, we thought we’d do the same. So without any further delay, here’s Homegrown’s guide to Mumbai’s best breakfasts part two. Please note, this list is designed to be in alphabetical order, and is not broken down budget-wise.

I. Akuri at Sassanian

This Irani café at Dhobi Talao is more of an institution than a mere eatery. It has seen many generations of hungry Parsis walk through its timber doorframes. If they’re here for lunch, they eat dhansak. But if they’re here for breakfast, it’s the akuri they’vecome for. Akuri is Parsi-style scrambled eggs. But there are a whole bunch of mouth-watering additions to it: green chillies, coriander, turmeric, and red chilli powder, to name a few. This isn’t your average scrambled egg. But that’s what makes it so good.

Meal for two: Dirt cheap at Rs. 250.

We also love: The bun maska and sweet, milky chai. Dip the bread, slurp the chai and enjoy.

Akuri (Representational Image Only)

II. Batata Vada at Prakash

Situated in the most state-proud part of the city, Prakash has become one of our favourite joints for real, authentic Maharashtrian breakfasts, which can otherwise be translated into vadas, vadas, and more vadas. And we’ll throw in some Batata Pohe for good measure.
It doesn’t look too promising from the outside, and enjoys a relatively low-key crowd, but the people who’ve discovered their batata vadas swear by its reputation. Crispy and fresh on the outside with a hot, moist interior, make sure you slather it in plenty of hara chutney (only if you can handle spice) and rest assured, you’ll eat about six more before you’re done. The flavours here are some of the best we’ve tasted and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Meal For two: The best things in life are (almost) free/ very cheap @ Rs. 300.

We also love: Thalipeeth, bhajni vada and batata pohe.

III. Bagel+ Scrambled Eggs + Smoked Salmon+ Pickled Cucumber+ Cream Cheese at Salt Water Café

You needn’t look further than Salt Water Cafe for a real, hearty breakfast—the kind that gets its balance between hippie vegan preferences and carnivorous carb-hunters just right. It’s also the kind of place that serves breakfast all day so whether it’s a snack on the way to work or a late, boozy brunch, this is still one of the best leisurely options in town what with their endlessly varied menu and their incredible selection of freshly baked breads. This particular favourite of ours is pretty self-explanatory. Salt Water Café takes a light scrambled egg, tops it with smoked salmon, picked cucumber and cream cheese—and sticks it all lovingly into a bagel.  Word of caution: tuck your napkin into your shirt. This one is messy.

Meal for two: You’d better fuel up for the rest of the day at Rs. 1,600.

We also love: The smoked bacon pancakes topped with maple syrup (because strange bedfellows make great company), the fluffy omelettes, and the Eggs Florentine. Make sure you order a side of hash browns or roesti, too.

IV. Baked Eggs Bowl at Fat Man’s Cafe

Breakfast here is modestly represented by the usual suspects of waffles, pancakes, and a whole variety of eggs to order but each item is treated with love. One of the most loved, and most filling options however, has to be the baked egg bowl. Inspired by oeufs en cocotte, the dish is made up of two runny yolks that are supported by a happy blend of creamed spinach and herbed tomato sauce. Just the kind of mess you want to be mopping up with a slab of buttered toast or french bread. Plus, it’s the perfect breakfast option if you’re not sure you’ll have time for lunch.

Meal for two: This price is more about its zip code, but we’ll take it at Rs. 1,000. 

We also love: A healthier option perhaps, but the spinach & mushroom healthy egg white omelette is light and fluffy. Pair it with a nice, hot espresso if you’ve got the time to sip slowly and revel.

Baked Eggs Bowl

V. Breakfast Buffet at Cafe Prato, The Four Seasons

Thanks to popular demand, there was no way we could get away without including one 5 star buffet meal in this compilation and as far as we’re concerned, few do it as well as Four Season’s Hotel in Worli. With live egg counters, and everything from bacon and hash browns to and fresh fruit, there’s something for everybody here. Most of the options are cold and then all the hot stuff is to order.

Cost: It’s a buffet, so, all you can eat at Rs. 1500.

We also love: The South Indian counter serving idlis and dosas.

VI. Breakfast in a Bottle at The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is known for its host of delicious breakfast options, such as, the sali eggs, the akuri and the eggs kejriwal. However, their most talked about breakfast offering is undoubtedly the Breakfast in a Bottle. A blend of oats, dates, nuts and milk, this super filling morning treat is not only healthy, but it’s the perfect energy boost needed to start your day. If you’re one of those people who think healthy food doesn’t taste good, wait till you try this. You’ll find yourself coming back for it a few times a week.

Meal for two: Healthy and delicious at Rs. 1,200. 

We also love: The sali eggs. Cut through the middle and use some pao to sop up all that gooey yellowness.

VII. Chocolate Explosion Waffle at Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella’s waffles are great. They’re light, airy and crisp. You’d think they couldn’t get any better. But that’s before you meet the decadent chocolate sauce Di Bella pours all over it. These waffles also come with a side of ice cream and whipped cream. To be honest, we don’t need a particular time to eat this dish, but let’s say chocolate in the morning makes us happiest.

Meal for two: Nothing says I love you like chocolate does at approximately Rs. 650 

We also love: The Twix waffle. Because Twix + waffle can only equal to heaven on a plate

Chocolate Explosion Waffle

VIII. Chocolate Pancakes at Chocolate Heaven

If you’re the kind that can start your day on a sweet note, Chocolate Heaven’s chocolate pancakes might be for you. The chocolate pancakes are topped with fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and whipped cream. It’s basically a chocolate explosion on a plate. And frankly, if you start your day with something this good, your day can’t possibly go badly, right?

Meal for two: More chocolate than you can handle (almost) at approximately Rs. 500. 

We also love: The Nutella waffle: rich hazelnut chocolate and chopped bananas and ice cream on the side.

IX. Chorizo + House Sausages Skillet Fried Eggs at Smoke House Deli

The trick to a dish like this is to make sure you use really good meat—and Smoke House Deli does. Further, the ratio of fat to meat and spice is just right—enough for a little kick but not too much to make it uncomfortable. Some people are very touchy about spice in the mornings. The three-egg dish comes with hash brown potatoes and grilled tomato on the side

Meal for two: Pricey, but worth it at Rs. 2,000. 

We also love: The chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes—light, fluffy and chocolatey all in one.

Chorizo + House Sausages Skillet Fried Eggs

X. Eggs Benedict at Indigo Deli

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—there’s a reason Indigo Deli has always been our favourite restaurant in the city and it has everything to do with the combination of their consistency and flavours. They literally revolutionised the concept of an all-day deli in the city, which explains why they’re popular enough to run four different outlets across it.
Whether you go for the pancakes, waffles, french toast, appam with stew, eggs in many different ways, or more, you know whatever you get is going to be slamming and we know it too. But we suggest you get the Eggs Benedict. They’re the best in the city, largely because of the Deli’s unmatched, homemade hollandaise sauce.

Meal for two: Well worth your weekly splurge at approximately Rs. 1,500 for a meal for two.

We also love: The breakfast sandwich: bacon, sausage, emmenthal, grilled onion and a fried egg. Enough said.

XI. Eggs Kejriwal at SodaBottleOpenerWala

We’ve only been able to sample this delicious dish at all the country clubs growing up—more times than we can count, but still not enough for those who weren’t members. And the best part about this dish at SodaBottleOpenerWala is that it makes us very nostalgic. The dish consists of runny, sunny side up eggs on toast, seasoned with green chillies and topped with cheese and mushrooms. The best part about everything sitting on top of one another is you can slice all the way in and take a big bite with everything in it.

Meal for two: You can’t put a price on nostalgia, but if you did, it’s approximately Rs. 1,300. 

We also love: The Bombay Rasta Sandwich, it takes us back to our college days.

Eggs Kejriwal

XII. Elvis Bagel at The Bagel Shop

The best breakfasts are portable and this long-time city favourite has always tapped into this secret. A go-to for serious foodies, struggling creatives and beefed-up gym bros alike, you also know their breakfast’s going to be good considering they’ve fashioned their entire menu around something that’s technically considered to be a breakfast item in just about every east-coast city in North America.
The thing we love most about them? Their consistent culinary quality. They’ve never strayed from their original concept of serving up warm, toasty bagels day in and out, but they’ve continued to experiment within its frameworks and the result is some of the best breakfasts (and lunches and dinners if we’re honest) that you’ve ever had.
If we’re here for breakfast, our pick is always the Elvis Bagel. Apart from just sounding cool, it’s one of those breakfast treats you succumb to when you just want to feel pampered. And rightfully so: it’s an open bagel topped with peanut butter, bananas and smothered in Nutella. Don’t blame us if you can’t go in to work after this.

Meal for two: Cold, angry New Yorkers are cursing you at Rs.1,000.

We also love: The Breakfast Bagel (3 eggs with baked beans and cream cheese served on top of a toasted sesame bagel) and an extra portion of Spanish bacon or sausages for the carnivores.

XIII. French Toast at Kyani & Co.

No matter how many fast food chains and swanky joints make their way into Mumbai’s enticing market, no true local would ever trade up the charm of the quaint Irani cafe culture. Kyani & Co. happens to be one of the oldest Irani joints in the city and despite its ambience being reminiscent of a dilapidated, worn-and-torn building, they’ve been churning out some of the best food we’ve ever eaten for many generations now.

Cheap, delicious and one-of-a-kind, its visitors vary right from a billionaire chowing down on khari biscuits and chai for old time’s sake, to the hoards of college goers from nearby schools. Our pick of the menu here is definitely an uncommon choice, one we’re sure very few have dared to test out, but we can guarantee that it’s amongst the best French Toast we’ve ever had. You heard right—french toast for everyone. It’s slightly sweet, with a hint of ginger—and incredibly soft. You should know that a lot of people insist the quality here has dropped so it’s best not to be too experimental and stick to the staples we’ve suggested.

Meal for two: Legacy doesn’t always come at a hefty price. At Rs. 200.

We also love: Cream roll, khari biscuit, cheese scrambled eggs, Irani chai, kheema pao, and mawa cake.

XIV. French Toast at The Sassy Spoon

If you’re wondering what indulgence on a plate looks like, this pretty much sums it up. And they always say “breakfast like a king”, right? The Sassy Spoon’s French toast is a cinnamon French toast roulade that’s stuffed with kumquat marmalade, berries, Nutella, and caramelized banana nougatine. If you think it’s a mouthful to say, wait till you actually eat it.

Meal for two: Well worth it on a special occasion. At Rs. 2,000

We also love: The roasted banana, whole wheat and oat pancakes with maple drizzle.

XV. Full House at Leaping Windows

When you hear the name of this dish, you know it’s going to be pretty heavy. And you’re right. Full House at Leaping Windows consists of eggs, bacon and sausages, if you opt for the pork version. The chicken version substitutes bacon and sausages with roast chicken and chicken sausages. Both come with mashed potato or wilted spinach (no points for guessing which we’d choose) along with tea, coffee or watermelon juice.

Meal for two: Worth it, considering the amount on your plate at Rs. 1,200 

We also love: Bacon of My Eye, French toast topped with streaky bacon and baked apple slices and served with whipped cream

XVI. Huevos Rancheros at Jamjar Diner

If you’ve never had Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, you really need to. This Mexican dish is amazing—and filling. Two fried eggs plopped on to flour tortillas and served with rice, smoky beans, pico de gallo and sour cream. We suggest you don’t plan anything hectic afterwards. This dish has a way of making you feel very content and very full.

Meal for two: A little bit of Mexico in the morning at Rs. 1,500.

We also love: The giant Jamjar Benedict poached eggs.

Huevos Rancheros

XVII. Hungover Breakfast Tray at Social

The Social’s breakfast trays have become the stuff of culinary legend, with unique personalities of their own. With quirky little names, and totally unexpected offerings (think everything from oreo cookies to a PBJ milkshake along with an assortment of other options) all on one tray for your very happy consuming. If you’re the kind of person who needs options for breakfasts, these trays are what you’ve been waiting for.
Our favourite is the Hungover Breakfast Tray. This banger of a breakfast is perfect for the morning after a heavy night of drinking. It’s made up of eggs, bacon, bananas, and toast. It also comes with various liquid refreshments, including a Virgin Mary and vitamin water. We guarantee you’re going to feel a lot better when you walk out the door than when you walked in. Plus, they even give you a discount if you actually partied at Social the night before—perhaps to show that they feel your pain.

Meal for two: When you’re hungover, the price doesn’t matter at approximately Rs. 1,400.

We also love:  The Hardy Bhai Istyle tray, which includes kheema ghotala, bun omelette, bun maska, masala chai, cutting with khari biscuit/ parle g.

XVIII. Idli at Madras Cafe

For a long time, Cafe Madras was our go-to when leaving the city super early in the morning for a weekend getaway. We’d make a quick pit-stop, fill up on the best South Indian breakfast fare the city has to offer and then wash it all down with as much traditional filter coffee as we could manage without suffering from serious over-caffeination.
Whether it’s their perfectly crisp dosas—rava, sada or stuffed with various versions of masalas—or their multiple versions of Idli Vada, everything comes accompanied with the most delectable home-made butter (white, if you’re smart enough to demand it) and of course, that mulga podi (more popularly known as gunpowder chutney) deserves a paragraph all unto itself. The place is always packed but there’s never a waiting of more than 10 minutes because no one comes here for a long, leisurely culinary experience.
This place is pure efficiency in deliciousness, all the way through, and they want you out in under 20 minutes. Not that time spent is, in anyway, correlated to your satisfaction levels. Savour the Idli with home-made butter and mulga podi or eat your way through delectable Tuppa dosa and Pesarattu dosa, all accompanied with hearty servings of spicy sambhar. None of that sweetened, Shiv/Sai/Shree Sagar-y nonsense for these guys.

Meal for two: Never judge quality by price at Rs. 250. 

We also love: Tuppa dosa and Pesarattu dosa with hearty servings of spicy sambhar, the upma podi and the set dosa with homemade butter.

Idli at Madras Cafe

XIX. Irani Wrestler’s Omelette at Koolar & Co.

A traditional Irani café way with ebony chairs and chequered tablecloths, this Matunga mainstay has always been popular—and that’s saying something, considering that Matunga is known more for its vegetarian juggernauts than its Irani joints. Sit down at one of the tables under the whirring, creaking old fans and order the house special— the five-egg Wrestler’s Omelette. The eggs are whisked with onions, green chillies, coriander and salt. It’s a behemoth on a plate and well worth the 20-minute wait as its being prepared.

Meal for two: Heavy on the tummy and light on the wallet at Rs. 350.

We also love: The simple brun pao and chai option.

XX. Kadi Idli at Hotel Ramashray

By 5.30 a.m. we hear there’s already a queue of people outside the hotel waiting to get in, get a table and get their bellies filled with any variety of dosas, vadas, uttapams and other south indian fare. The menu changes daily and is written outside on a blackboard. South Indian food makes for delicious breakfast—it’s got the perfect level of spice to kick start your morning. While we’ve greedily clawed our way through many a masala dosa and vada early in the morning, there’s definitely something about kadi idli—and the kadi idli at Hotel Ramashray in particular—that we find ourselves craving. If you like an early south Indian food fix, you should try this one out.

Meal for two: Eat more than you normally would. At Rs. 200.

We also love: The upma and their fantastic masala dosa.

XXI. Kheema Gotala at Good Luck Cafe

Been up all night, and still feeling a little drunk? We’re walking proof that this old Irani joint, bang opposite Mehboob Studio in Bandra, can cure all hangover ailments with a portion of their kheema ghotala with buttery pao. Orders here come within minutes and we suggest coercing them into putting a ripe slice of cheese right on top of the chilli-doused minced meat and letting it melt right into all that goodness. Wash it all down with multiple cups of masala chai of course. And keep your sunglasses on, no one cares who you are or where you’ve come from.

Meal for two: Prepare to become a repeat offender here. At approximately Rs. 550.

We also love: We’ve never come here for anything else, but we’ve heard their emu version of the dish is worth a shot for the adventurous sort. And it’s a healthier option too.

XXII. Kheema Pao at Olympia Coffee House

Though open early, it doesn’t necessarily seem like the kind of place that understands breakfast and that’s probably the best part about it. Their ‘Nasta In The Morning’ just sees them doing what they do best—offering mutton kheema, bhaji gosht and mutton roast as though it’s perfectly reasonable to eat these things first thing in the morning, and our question is—why not?!
You may have to share a table with other keen early-risers, but trust us, the kheema pao is worth it. The kheema comes out of the kitchen piping hot. It’s sweet and spicy and the pao is soft and fresh. Squeeze some lime on to the meat, dunk in with a piece of bread and chow down.

Meal for two: How much is too much for kheema? At Approximately Rs. 450

We also love: Egg fry masala, if you absolutely must have your eggs in the morning, or mutton roast if you want more meat.

Kheema Pao at Olympia Coffee House

XXIII. Muesli at Kala Ghoda Cafe

Kala Ghoda Cafe is the kind of place that errs on the side of good nutrition and health, without compromising on taste—they even bake their own thick, home-made whole wheat toast.
And whether they’re offering you fresh fruits with yogurt and muesli or a combination breakfast with all the works, their sole aim is clear—to keep you healthy and happy. All breakfast combinations come with their signature Apple Beetroot Carrot juice so don’t pass it up and hurt their feelings. That being said, we suggest you start with the Muesli with fruit and yogurt, followed by Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce just because you deserve a treat for being so good. 

Meal for two: Cheaper to make at home but it wouldn’t feel quite as good. At approximately Rs. 500

We also love: The veggie-loaded masala omelette. It’s really good—and they’ll make it according to your preferences too.

XXIV. Mysore Masala Dosa at Café Mysore

Another South Indian stalwart is Café Mysore. And its champion is the Mysore masala dosa. Thin and crisp around the corners and bursting with flavour from the middle thanks to that heady mix of potato and spices, the Mysore masala dosa is a great way to start your day—along with a cup of south Indian filter coffee, of course.

Meal for two: Why are you even debating? Just go eat the food. At approximately Rs. 250.

We also love: The gadbad idli.

XXV. Pancakes at Café Zoe 

This Lower Parel restaurant has always had us coming back time and time again for their incredible food. But recently, we discovered their breakfast menu, and let’s just say we weren’t looking for more reasons to visit, but we found one nonetheless: their pancakes. Served with whipped cream and maple syrup (you should really fork out Rs. 100 more and add bacon), Zoe’s pancakes had us in a sugar-induced state of Zen for hours afterwards.

Meal for two: Up there, but worth it, at approximately Rs. 1,200 for a meal for two.

We also love: The eggs Benedict, and the pain au chocolat.

XXVI. Oeufs En Cocotte at Suzette’s

It’s practically impossible to be disappointed by anything this French café serves. Trust us, we know. We’ve ordered their entire menu many times over. While they have certain breakfast option through the day (fruit salads, sweet and savoury crepes, baguettes with jam) it’s the ones in the 9 am to 12 am slot that really shine. And out of the smattering of breakfast options, one in particular is the star. Their Ouefs en cocotte (basically, baked eggs) are seriously, seriously good. The eggs are baked in ramekins with a filling of your choice: fresh cream and tarragon; ratatouille; tapenade and fresh tomatoes; creamed spinach; and our two personal favourites, ham and mozzarella, and bacon and cheddar. They use top quality meat—and you can taste it. If you’re not a fan of runny eggs you may want to skip this dish, as eggs cocotte is usually quite runny. It’s the entire point of the dish: the golden, liquid yolk oozes out the minute you stab it with your fork and then you use the crusty bread Suzette gives alongside to soak it all up. Sadly, these little bowl-sized bites of heaven are only available Suzette’s Bandra outlet and not at Nariman Point.

Meal for two: Not a luxury you can afford everyday, but that’s what makes it a luxury at Rs. 1,200

We also love: Croque olive with cooked ham and a raspberry yoghurt smoothie. But if you’ve got a sweet tooth, and you enjoy a generous portion of fruits with your breakfast, nothing touches the Apple Compote classic crepe. Pair it with the Mariage freres tea, it’s mild, aromatic and just the right pick-me-up for the morning. The Complete (non-veg) and Bleu (veg) crepes are great, too.

XXVII. Rava Garlic Dosa at Dakshinayan

Second only to Madras Cafe, higher up on this list, Dakshinayan is another of the city’s impeccable odes to South Indian cuisine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have 2 chains between South Mumbai and Juhu and neither wastes time with niceties or pretty furniture. Instead, they pore over their food with utmost precision, serving up some of the best adai dosas, idlis and uttapams you’ve ever had. Try the Rava Garlic Dosa or the Rasam Idli. We’d go with the latter if you can’t decide because the rasam here is untouchable as far as we’re concerned in terms of precise flavourings.

Meal for two: Total bang for your buck at Rs. 600

We also love: The ambassador idli or the onion uttapam.

XXVIII. Sali par edu at Jimmy Boy

No life stirs here before 11 a.m. so there’s no sense in rushing to get here either. Sleep in, forget to brush your teeth and make your way over to the most heritage-rich part of town to order up a serving of sali per edu. An absolutely divine combination of fried potato straws with eggs, Parsi style, which you’ll undoubtedly follow up with some Bun Maska for a taste of the creamy, Irani chai, this might just be one of our top 3 picks on this list. We hate playing favourites but you won’t blame us when you get here.

Meal for two: Worth breaking the bank at Rs. 850 

We also love: The akuri on toast. Parsis know their eggs.

Sali par edu at Jimmy Boy

XXIX. Tea Marble Eggs at Tea Trails

Marbled eggs are a curiosity and they look so pretty sitting on your plate with their intricate filigree design. Tea Trails marbles their eggs with tea (but of course), giving them a delicate, sophisticated edge over regular, boring hard-boiled eggs. The dish is served with triangles of toast and a grilled tomato. Simple, yet bursting with flavour.

Meal for two: The artistic value alone should make it more expensive, but it’s so reasonable at Rs. 350

We also love: The pakodas. Few things go better with steaming hot tea

Tea Marble Eggs at Tea Trails

XXX. The Yogi’s Breakfast at The Yoga House

Full of well, slightly pseudo ‘I <3 yoga’ names like ‘I am healing’ and ‘I am relaxing’ for their dishes, don’t be put off by all the drama. The food lives up to the expectations of people who enjoy the taste of health and many of the options include ingredients you wouldn’t see in most other restaurants, so it always makes for an interesting meal.
If you’re one of the many who believe that breakfast is the most important meal and that it’s essential to start off your day with a nutritional breakfast, then the Yogi’s Breakfast at The Yoga House is for you. Porridge, multi-vitamin juice and a choice of tea or coffee: it’s spartan and energy boosting, ensuring you don’t have a sluggish morning. Probably best to get this on a Monday—we all know our motivation to eat healthy slumps as the week progresses.

Meal for two: Healthy eating doesn’t come cheap at approximately Rs. 1,200.

We also love: Their Poha. It’s a very different take on the Maharashtrian staple and the Ten Grains Bread & Paneer Bhurji is every bit as extravagant as it sounds. We’d also like to give their hash browns a special mention: probably the least healthy option on the list but they do infuse their deliciously fried organic potatoes with mozzarella, red and green peppers, spinach and herbs and top it off with a yogurt and mustard dressing. It’s basically the kind of dish that will have you spearing your veggies with joy.

XXXI. Tomato Scramble Eggs with Parmesan, Potato Roesti, Country Loaf Bread at The Pantry

If you’ve ever dreamed about the streetside-café Parisian breakfast experience, The Pantry is about as close as you can get in this crowded city. Minus some street and plus a lot more experimentation as far as their menu is concerned. Everything about this place screams fresh out of the oven, and most regulars insist that there’s no time like breakfast to visit. Partly because the food options are even better, and partly because the ambience is far more relaxed. But it doesn’t really matter because breakfast’s served all day.
The potato rostis are so well seasoned, you’ll never attempt one on your own griddle again, while the tomato scrambled eggs with parmesan and country loaf bread comes recommended by the chef himself. Suitably runny, cheesy, and just the right amount of real tomato flavouring. And then there’s his take on the Indian staple, Upma. Whether you go with his suggestions or ours though, we can guarantee a breakfast here (paired with one of their delicious, fresh juices) will set you up well for the rest of the day. Especially if it involves lying around in bed feeling stuffed. Oh, and if you’re the kind of person who enjoys dessert for breakfast - their almond tarts come with perfectly crumbly crusts, and definitely aren’t sweet enough to make you feel too guilty.

Meal for two: The best Rs. 1,000 you’ll spend

We also love: Breakfast Burgul upma with almonds and raisins.

[We’re good but we’re not that good. If we missed out on a favourite that you think warrants mentioning, let us know in the comments section below.]

Research by Sanyukta Shetty

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