Mumbai's Gloria Restaurant Is Saving 45,000 Ltrs Of Water Per Month In A Novel Way

Mumbai's Gloria Restaurant Is Saving 45,000 Ltrs Of Water Per Month In A Novel Way

Maharashtra continues its battle against the worst drought to strike the region in close to 100 years. Close to 90 lakh farmers have been impacted by the severe scarcity of water that’s devastating crops, as official data shows, and data obtained from The Hindu puts the number of farmer suicides at 17,276 from 2001 to 2014. As government relief efforts continue in the form of water trains, for example, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to do their bit to conserve water in whatever way possible. Gloria Restaurant, in Byculla, Mumbai, has come up with a simple way to reuse and recycle water with the main aim being to prevent wastage of water.

Seeing the amount of going to waste, Abbas Suleman Kadiwal, owner of Gloria Restaurant, asked his employees to use water cautiously and recycle whenever possible in the establishment. Water leftover in customers’ glasses is collected and used to wash utensils, clean the floors and water plants outside the restaurant. “Our daily use of water was 6,000 to 7,000 litres of water,” Abid, restaurant manager, tells us. “We now manage to save close to 1500 to 2,000 litres and resuse it.”

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“Most of the customers just take one or two sips of out of their glasses. So I decided to reuse this water for other chores like cleaning and washing,” stated Abbas speaking to Mumbai Mirror, crediting his customers for the water that would previously just be thrown down the drain, and now is being recycled.

As daily demands for water increases, a lot more than available supply, it becomes a prized possession instead of an assumed privilege. The social, political and economic impact of this can slowly corrode the cohesive fabric of society as water cuts and limited provisions create competition within individuals who then fight over whatever little water is left. In such dire circumstances it’s efforts of people like Abbas Kadiwal and his team who can make a difference at the end of the day, however small it may seem.

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