Mumbai's Iconic Parle G Factory Shuts Down After 87 Years

Mumbai's Iconic Parle G Factory Shuts Down After 87 Years
The Economic Times

For many of us, a day was incomplete without a warm cutting chai and Parle G dipped to the perfect balance of soaked yet solid, before we gobbled up an entire packet in one go. Growing up with the intoxicating smell of sweet biscuits baking, it hit real hard when we found out that we’re losing one of our beloved childhood treasures with the closure of the iconic Parle G factory, located at Vile Parle. It was so integral to our city’s landscape that for years many people thought that Vile Parle was named after the biscuit factory, when in truth, it was the other way around.

Stated in a report by the Local Press, “as is the case with many businesses that once flourished in the city, the iconic factory ceased production after 87 glorious years of operation. Over the last few years, the production output from the factory was negligible, forcing owners, the Chauhan family, to shut the unit.” Fortunately, the factory’s closure will have no significant impact on the production of Parle G, so you don’t have to say goodbye to your teatime companion anytime soon. Arup Chauhan, Parle Products Executive Director, stated to Times of India (TOI) that it didn’t make “commercial sense” anymore to manufacture Parle G at the factory, which happens to be the world’s largest biscuit seller. The company holds a 40 percent share in the biscuit market and a 15 percent share of the total confectionery market in India, as stated on the company’s website.
Although this is a surprising revelation, the process of closure was a gradual one. The company reduced production and completely shut down about two months ago, stated a report; TOI’s report also adds that there are over 300 factory workers who have now all accepted a Voluntary Retirement Scheme. The owners of the biscuit company will retain the land due to its prime placement, but no future plans as to what’s next have been disclosed to the public as yet.

Feature image courtesy of Economic Times

Words: Divija Mohan

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