Naisha Bhargabi’s Debut EP Explores The Heartbreaking Melancholy Of Unrealised Love

Image Courtesy: Naisha
Image Courtesy: Naisha Image Courtesy: Naisha

Mumbai-based Naisha Bhargabi has been shuffling between the hyphens of being an actor, model, DJ and more in the past decade. Adding a new feather to her cap, Naisha has recently forayed further into her explorations in the music industry as a singer-songwriter. Her debut single, Kamikaze was an ode to self-love and the act of celebrating oneself.

Since its release, Naisha has discovered songwriting as safe haven for her self-expression. Her debut two-track EP, Back & Forth is an extension of this exploration. Naisha’s expressions have been consistently bold, fresh and neoteric. Her latest EP also follows a similar train of thought as she unravels the workings and conflicts of her mind through these two tracks.

The upcoming EP consists of two tracks titled Back & Forth and No Lie, both of which explore the journey of an unrealised love story. The inspiration for both the tracks was derived from personal experiences that Bhargabi went through. The tracks also explore the natural progression and decay of a relationship between two lovers.

Bhargabi aspires to unpack her own emotions while preaching to the human collective that undergoes similar experiences in the passage of growing up.

Naisha’s EP was released on the 29th of April and will be available to stream on all platforms.

Click here to stream Back & Forth

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