Nepal Relief Efforts: If You Want To Help, Here's What You Can Do From India

Nepal Relief Efforts: If You Want To Help, Here's What You Can Do From India
The devastating Himalayan Earthquake has caused untold misery and devastation in Nepal over this past weekend. The toll of the deceased and injured is going through constant revision with more than 3,000 reported deaths as of now, centuries-old structures and Heritage Sites have been destroyed among the rubble of people's homes  and villages as the country and adjoining areas suffered continuous aftershocks. The Indian side has also suffered loss of life and property with more than 60 deaths in the past two days but yes, you already know all of this so rather than waste more time, here's how you can get involved in relief efforts immediately. 
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[This is not an exhaustive list and we will keep adding various local and national initiatives to help the victims. Do keep checking back for any new updates.] 

1. The Prime Minister's National Relief Fund: Donate

2.Global Giving: Donate

As per their website, all donations to this fund will support earthquake recovery and relief efforts in Nepal. The fund is aimed to initially help first responders meet immediate needs of survivors for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted local organizations.

3. Pay TM

The Pay TM service has decided to offer in a hand by helping users donate while using their service. Pay TM will match every amount spent by the user. For example, if a user donates Rs 100 , Pay TM match the contribution by donating Rs 100 on their own. The funds will be donated to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund and a Nepal-centric fund announced by the government. The steps of making the contribution are:

Option 1) 
Option 2)
  • Simply proceed with your recharge or bill payment
  • The coupons selection page offers coupons of value ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs 10000
  • Select the amount you desire and go on to complete your recharge.
Option 3)
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4. Help Nepal Ketto Campaign: Donate

Varun Sheth and Kunal Kapoor, founders of Ketto, have associated with Care International to create the Help Nepal page by which funds of more than three lakhs have been collected so far. All campaigns for this would be listed under a microsite and the 5% Ketto fees which are charged have been waived to ensure that maximum funds can go to the cause.

5. Red Cross Nepal :Donate

Red Cross, the world's largest humanitarian organisation, has mobilised multiple resources in the wake of the Nepal Earthquake. Red Cross Nepal has been accepting donations and aid since the disaster struck on Saturday but their website is prone to erratic shutdowns and a campaign on Ammado is helping the aid reach to Nepal.

6. World Vision: Donate

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7. Shikshya Foundation: Donate

Nepal-based Shikshya Foundation has been monitoring the on-ground situation at Nepal and they have started a campaign for raising funds for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters and food and water among many other things.

8. Environmental Support Group :Donate

The Bangalore-based Environmental Support Group is helping to organise a movement of goods and resources for Nepal by enabling foreign and Indian donors to wire transfer funds.

Funds and Materials

 9. Goonj And In Crisis Relief 

Contact them on  and follow Facebook page for constant updates on how you can help.
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