NGOs In Noida Are Making Cozy Winter Sweaters To Keep The City’s Stray Dogs Warm

NGOs In Noida Are Making Cozy Winter Sweaters To Keep The City’s Stray Dogs Warm

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, India’s stray dog population is estimated to be 35 million. In today’s world with pet animals becoming some sort of a status symbol, most tend to turn their backs on the sufferings of animals that have found a home on the streets of the country. As the northern half of the country begins to face the chilly and harsh winters and its people layer themselves with numerous clothes to keep warm, it is the stray animals of the region that often find it difficult to make it past the season without any protection from the frigid climate. To ensure the safety of the lives of these furry friends, there are several animal lovers in the region trying to make a difference. One such initiative is starting to make rounds in the city of Noida.

The residents of the city have joint hands with NGOs such as the House of Stray Animals (HAS) and People for Animals (PFA) to help the stray animals keep warm in the harsh winters. Several people across the city, young and old alike, are coming together to donate sweaters, beds and woollen blankets for the cause. “My friends and I get together on weekends to cut and sew old sweaters to re-make and resize them for the dogs. We will be making around 25 of these in different sizes for the dogs at the shelter,” shared Nidhi, a volunteer at HAS with Times of India.

The volunteers at PFA have decided to put sweaters on abandoned dogs that live with or around them or are those that they take care of every day after realising that these became an inconvenience for the other city dogs, getting them entangled in barbed wires or sticking to car bumpers that they sleep under causing life threatening accidents to take place. HAS is also organising donation drives across the city to collect old sweaters for re purposing them as jackets for the dogs. The markets of sectors 12, 55 and 126 in Noida have donation tubs placed for the same. Do spread the word to friend and family in the city to ensure you do you bit in keeping the strays warm this winter!

Feature image credit: Twitter (L) and Streetdogsofdelhi Instagram (R)

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