"No Boyfriends Allowed In Indian Society," Says Principal Of Meerut College

"No Boyfriends Allowed In Indian Society," Says Principal Of Meerut College

A majority of India still remains strangely calm about how our country’s governance is slowly moving backwards, in the hands of men who firmly believe in a society run by the patriarchy. Or so, we thought. It turns out, women too, are supporting this absurd step back, especially Sneha Gupta, the principal of Raghunath College, Meerut. With a single statement, the woman manages to showcase how far moral policing really goes, by saying, “Girls shouldn’t have boyfriends for Indian society doesn’t permit us to have boyfriends.”

However, she doesn’t just stop there. Backed by Uttar Pradesh’s newly appointed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s implementation of the ‘Anti-Romeo’ squad, she goes on to ignore her own student’s apprehension towards this intrusion of their personal space outside college on the grounds of ‘culture and morality.’ The idea behind this supposed squad, was to curb eve-teasing and ensure the safety of college-going girls; but seems to be more restrictive, than constructive.

Male relatives of college students were also being harassed, which further irked the female population, who have to deal with members of Hindu Yuva Vahini questioning their integrity. “That is not done. Aren’t we allowed to talk to guys? A guy can be a friend, a classmate or a brother. If the girl is saying that the boy is my friend, he should not be picked up,” a student told CNN-News18.

Another member of the Hindu Yuva Vahini in an article by News 18, in reference to the above, said, “It is unacceptable. Things that should be done behind curtains will not be allowed in the open.” That very statement, ladies and gentlemen, should tell you all that you need to know, about the mentality of the people currently running the state of Uttar Pradesh.