'No Nazar': A Los Angeles-Based Music & Dance Crew Celebrating Diverse South-Asian Sounds

'No Nazar': A Los Angeles-Based Music & Dance Crew Celebrating Diverse South-Asian Sounds
No Nazar

In the predominantly whitewashed spaces of the creative world, diasporic communities for generations have been paving their own path of exploring their cultural identities that lie at the cusp of two very distinct cultures. Their art and music have often been a way of building community, of belonging, of shared experiences and of the myriad experiences and complexity of the South Asian diaspora.

Since the 80s and 90s, especially with the Bhangra Daytimers of Birmingham and Bradford, the diasporic communities of India have been creating festivals and spaces that celebrate the unmistakable impact of brown creatives; bringing in their own table and possibly even their own chairs to creative spaces.

Now a new generation of diasporic youth is celebrating their desi diasporic identities and exploring the breadth of South Asian creativity on the dance floor. ‘No Nazar LA’, a new kid on the block, has been hosting a ‘free-your-soul’ monthly party that highlights the diverse sounds of Los Angeles. Championing South Asian artistry for more than two years, the crew aims at creating community through music, art, and dance.

Claiming it as a judgement-free zone where one can come and be themselves in a safe space celebrating diversity and positivity, they are definitely putting desi music on the map; preserving a vibrant brown club culture and giving a voice to a cultural blend of identities. An exciting place worth exploring, the crew plays Bollywood, dancehall, reggaeton, hip-hop, house, beats, baile funk, bhangra and everything in between; curating an experience that invites you to celebrate cultural exchange and is sure to make you dance.

Check them out here.

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