November Noon: Preserving Benarasi Handloom Through Contemporary Silhouettes

November Noon: Preserving Benarasi Handloom Through Contemporary Silhouettes

Leading a homegrown space with a blend of comfortable fashion and meaningful material is November Noon. Encapsulating subtle nuances of colour, print, and texture, this is a label that showcases fashion as an embodied experience.

November Noon is an Indian Clothing brand seeking to leverage an old-world charm through contemporary silhouettes. Charting out a unique design language, the label is committed to pinning Indian textiles and artisanal ancestry onto the global map.

Conceptualized in the historically sound city of Benaras, the collective of artisans, designers, and creative thinkers is reviving Benaras’ silk weaving tradition into modern garments. Started by family-run tradecraft firm named, Shah Narayan Das and Co, they are shaping Benarasi textiles into chic garments that are both timeless and trans-seasonal.

Portraying the Indian hand-loom as an ideal medium for the global citizen, the label is helmed by a team of indigenous artisans setting the tone for textile-based fashion.

The collections have an earthy feel echoed by the use of traditional textiles and rich conceptual narratives. Fusing the values of the old and new world through classic motifs and modern-day stripes, blending different fabrics into innovative staples and employing different weaving techniques to create functional pieces, the brand’s sartorial sensibility speaks to us. Comprising statement pieces that can be paired well together or separately, the garments carry a promise of brightening up your style quotient instantly. Smart layers, global cuts, and a spiritual core is the overall theme reflected by the label.

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