Off The Record: Hyderabad Gets A Heavy Dose Of Indie

Off The Record: Hyderabad Gets A Heavy Dose Of Indie
Off The Record

I. Nischay Parekh

The Kolkata-based singer/songwriter released his debut album 'Ocean' this year and became an overnight sensation as far as the country's more discerning indie audiences were concerned. As the Guardian put it, "he aims to win you over with his boy-grown-up vocals and mature songwriting sensibilities."

Nischay Parekh

They're a four-piece independent rock band from Chennai whose explosive sets draw on eclectic influences including R&B, Swing, Garage Rock and Punk.

The Shakey Rays

III. The Mavyns

Loved across the country for their classic sound and analog sensibilities, The Mavyns have a way of making their old-school sound entirely relevant to their audience.

The Mavyns
IV. Murthovic + Fllsh

V. Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator

This year, the live band project has made massive waves across the festival circuit, heaping all their praise into neat little piles. Heady vocals meet classic, clean cut guitars and their simplistic approach to their sound makes them all the more appealing.

Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator

VI. Shaa'ir + Func

Not that they require much of an introduction but the electro-pop duo has recently upped their live act a couple of notches this season and if you haven't already the caught the high-octane performances they've been putting out, this shouldn't be missed.

Shaa'ir + Func

Known for fusing their melodies of yore with intelligent dance music, they've shaped the electronic music scene over the years and have rarely disappointed with their sets.

Bandish Projekt

VIII. Ash Roy

the Delhi-based techno DJ and producer's influence over the electronic music scene simply cannot be overstated.

Ash Roy


Quite easily, India's best known audio-visual act, BLOT!'s sets are usually pleasing in a much more all-encompassing sense than most others.

Kini Rao
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