Oji #FlexSquad: India's EDM Army


For co-founder, Mikhail Mehra, digital networks are key. This novel approach to marketing is cashing in on today’s ADD culture where people yearn for instant bits of information; tuning out billboards and other forms of traditional advertisements. Oji, an electronic music event production company, has identified the power of technology and the seamlessness of sharing, and focused their entire marketing strategy around social networking sites. The job of every member of the team is to continually engage people with content shares, references and links to events.

The idea of “word of mouth” sharing seemed appealing to the co-founder of Oji, Mikhail Mehra, who believes people are more likely listen to a track if their friend recommends it to them. As for the rewards, they receive everything from free entry to Oji shows of the year, merchandise, drinks, as well as a chance to hang out with artists like Flux Pavilion.

However, the program isn’t just limited to creating online traffic- but also experimenting with other awareness campaigns. Recently, as part of their “FLUX awareness program”, they hired a big truck and had two big artists –Lost Stories and DJ Sa- who were seen blasting music from on top of the truck, while they drove around parts of Mumbai.

The idea of setting up an online team is a trend that even international artists have adopted in the past, and seems like it’s hear to stay for the future.

We caught up with some of the #FlexCrew, to get an idea on how they aim to help spread the buzz around #Escalate2 and future Oji Events.


The mumbai after party will have Algorhythm & secret guests performing. The ticket you buy from Book My Show, includes entry into the massive after party. Line-up and venue details for the after party will be revealed very soon.

Also, Oji are running a special deal where you can buy 5 tickets at the price of 4. Grab your tickets before they sell out , over here.

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