Oji X THUMP X Black Butter Records: My Nu Leng's 3-City Tour This Month Is All Set to Throw Down Some Mayhem

Oji X THUMP X Black Butter Records: My Nu Leng's 3-City Tour This Month Is All Set to Throw Down Some Mayhem

The first few quality international gigs of 2015 have come calling and February is shaping up to be a really promising month suddenly. Oji’s shown us just how it’s done in the past, with the likes of Skream & Benga, Flux Pavilion and Major Lazer putting up bangers we’re still raving about.

This year, they’re back with the first of a series of parties planned with THUMP, VICE’s electronic music and culture channel, and UK-based independent label Black Butter Records with the latter’s finest offerings - Bristol-based duo My Nu Leng.

As a part of the three-city tour, Tommy and Jammo of My Nu Leng are going to be throwing down some serious mayhem in the cities of Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai with their on-point bass and UK-garage house sound that’s all set to take you straight to boomtown.

“I was actually with a good friend of mine who books My Nu Leng for gigs when the idea started to shape up,” Mikhail Mehra, founder of Oji, tells us.

“The guys from Black Butter Records and VICE are super chilled out, and we all really got along when we hung out and went partying in Amsterdam. Jammo of My Nu Leng was there as well, and a 3-city tour in India just seemed the perfect way to integrate all of them into a mental gig right here in India.”

“When I came back to Mumbai, I just knew that we had to do something together. I’d listened to My Nu Leng before, but when I saw them live when they went on right after DJ EZ, it just blew it out of the park. They are so, so good; they’re the ones who actually resparked my interest in UK-based music in general.”


International independent label Black Butter Records understands that compartmentalising music into definitive genres is immaterial – that within the sphere of electronic music, the colours of sub-genres have been spilling over into each other through porous boundaries more than ever before.

With a roster including the likes of Rudimental, Clean Bandit and Gorgon City, the award-winning hub of British dance music’s bringing to India one of their core artists to represent this ethos.

“What really sets this series of parties apart from what we’ve done in the past,” says Mikhail. “Is that it’s in association with THUMP, who’re going to be documenting the tour, and Black Butter Records.

So we’ve got their sensibilities thrown into the mix as well, which makes this special. Working with THUMP is always a pleasure; we’ve worked together before on the Skream documentary and they’re absolute pros at what they do. It’s going to be really good music, and make sure you come prepared for some bass. It’s like a throwback to how we launched Oji.”

This comes as no surprise, as the iconic Sitara Studio is where My Nu Leng is going to be performing in Mumbai, where Skream and Benga took place with Anti-Social in New Delhi and The Warehouse in Bangalore hosting the duo.

He accedes that there’s always challenges when it comes to putting together a show of this scale, and says he sticks to a simple ‘duck, move, jump’ approach when it comes to roadblocks along the way.

What’s even more exciting is - this is just going to be the first of three acts headed to Indian shores thanks to the Oji X THUMP X Black Butter association.

As for Mikhail’s  expectations for the My Nu Leng tour, he says, “I feel like a lot of people are excited for this – more people than I expected knew about them, and are really looking forward to it, which is pleasantly surprising.”

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