Pakistani Labels Weaving A Distinct Cultural Identity Through Streetwear

Pakistani Labels Weaving A Distinct Cultural Identity Through Streetwear

Edgy, effortlessly cool and honing a strong narrative of cultural connection is the definition of South Asian streetwear. Its ability to transcend borders and the barricades of polarising world affairs is the appeal of the global streetwear movement that seems to unite people in their love for celebrating a seamless blend of traditional practices with new-age fashion.

From baggy hoodies inscribed with Urdu poetry to patchwork denim representing the rich textile vocabulary of Pakistani artisans, Homegrown brings you a covetable curation of streetwear labels from across the border.

I. Love Closely

While the streetwear mania seems to have been feverishly gripping the next generation of fashion enthusiasts, Love Closely lets the hype take a backseat to create meaningful streetwear rooted in culture, tradition, and history.

Love Closely is about leading a conscious revival of forgotten poetry, art, and culture from the Middle East and South Asia. It’s impressive to denote the brand’s ability to tap into a ‘streetwear with a story’ design vision. Boasting a cult fan following that includes celebrities like Justin Beiber, Jessie Reyez, Riz Ahmed and Roy Woods, the trailblazing streetwear label is well worth looking out for!

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Forward-thinking and intelligently designed to start a youth-centric dialogue on identity and creative freedom is FT.WA, a streetwear label based across London and Karachi.

Recognising that a sustainable wave of narrative-driven fashion takes precedence over commercial consumption, the label’s products play on misspent youth, a rebellious spirit and the urge to challenge the status quo.

FT.WA claims to be a voice for the rebels, rulebreakers and outlaws. Unisex collections that feature fleece sweatshirts, organically dyed headbands, masks and big fit tees reflect an apologetically bold attitude that the label aims to emulate.

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III. Raastah Official

Raastah is a premier South Asian artisanal urban wear brand that aims at decontextualizing and reinterpreting South Asian heritage and artisanship. Raastah garments provide an amalgam between western silhouettes and traditional eastern motifs along with contemporary art and Mughal history. The brand has a distinct voice that resonates well globally and has landed the label on platforms such as HYPEBEAST as well. Implementing the dictum that ‘fashion is political’, the label describes its higher aim as an academic pursuit; an exploration of how a garment, like any other object, has profound regional and global consequences.

Handwoven shirts, floater jackets, totes, reimagined kameez and shalwar are some of the stellar pieces by the label that makes for great additions to any wardrobe.

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