Pamper Your Pooches With Treats From This Unique Mumbai Bakery

Pamper Your Pooches With Treats From This Unique Mumbai Bakery

For all you dog owners, there comes a time when your furry companion knowingly puts their head on your lap, with those innocent puppy dog eyes, silently begging for that cookie in your hand. You know you have a responsibility to not give them your sugary confectionery, but we understand—who could say no to that face? The struggle has never been any more real, and Akanksha Arora was one of the many pet owners, caught up in this dilemma. Instead of wallowing, she decided to make sure her dogs got all the treats...without being injurious to their health!

A chef by profession and pet-lover at heart, she started Barker’s Dozen, the ultimate pet bakery dedicated to making natural and preservative-free treats and snacks, customised for your furry child’s dietary requirements. Using human grade ingredients of nothing but the highest quality, this service is essentially a gourmet bakery for your pets. An alumni of The Culinary Institute of America, Akanksha is the proud owner of three beautiful dogs, who served as the main inspiration for Barker’s Dozen—and were also the first tasters. These guys make the best of pastries and snacks, from cakes, tarts and brownies, for dogs of all ages and breeds. All the final products are carefully modified according to the furry customer’s dietary specifics, if any.

(Side note: Since human grade ingredients are used to make these treats, you can eat them with your doggos and puppers too!)

In an interview with ScoopWhoop, Akanksha explains how the idea for the bakery came to life, “I learnt how to make pet treats for my pet child, Tiger. When I saw that he loved it, I knew I had passed the most important test. I slowly replaced his evening snack with these treats after which they were given for testing and okay-ed by vets.” She also adds that as time went by, several other pet owners began contacting her, and soon enough, even started placing trial orders.

So the next time your dog gives you those devilishly irresistible puppy eyes or if their birthday is right around the corner, the perfect slice of cake is a single call away.

You can contact Barker’s Dozen at 70215 35307 and find them on Facebook here.

Representational feature image courtesy of Puppy Cake