Paris Olympics 2024 To Include Breakdancing As Competitive Event

Paris Olympics 2024 To Include Breakdancing As Competitive Event
South China Morning Post

After having completed movie marathons of the Step Up trilogy, Stomp The Yard, Battle Of The Year and many more, our love for competitive breakdancing knows no bounds. After all, what’s not to love about the display of power moves, physical strength and spot-on musicality?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that breakdancing will now be part of the Paris Olympics to be held in 2024. Current President of the Committee, Thomas Bach, mentioned that this move has been taken to make the Games “more gender-balanced, more youthful and more urban.”

Sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding that are part of next year’s Tokyo Olympics will be included as events in the Paris Olympics as well.

The news received mixed reactions. While people from the breakdancing community were elated about its inclusion, some others ridiculed the decision to include a dance form as an Olympic sport.

At some point of time, even the most mainstream sports were not part of the Olympics roster. As the sporting world evolves, it widens its horizons to include various activities that are left out of the ‘sports’ category due to long-standing popular beliefs. This move by the IOC proves that the institution of sports has always remained, and continues to be highly dynamic.

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