Patina Art Sneakers Are Trading Hype For A More Sophisticated Craftsmanship

Patina Art Sneakers Are Trading Hype For A More Sophisticated Craftsmanship

Over the last few years, streetwear has gained a momentum in India with quite a few brands fostering the growth of sneaker & streetwear culture in India. Sneaker resale has been particularly popular among sneaker enthusiasts because of their ability to procure limited edition and standalone designs by global brands and independent luxury sneaker designers alike. But much to the delight of sneakerheads across India, homegrown sneaker brand Kavith has decided to trade hype for a much more contemporary design that relies on craftsmanship. Taking sneaker design to an altogether different level with respect to design is footwear designer Kavith whose hand-painted Patina Art Sneakers are a vision in craftsmanship.

The hand-painted Patina Art Sneakers take up to three days to be crafted from scratch. Kavith uses the painting technique Anticatura. Anticatura translated from Italian means antique finishing and is a technique that has been primarily used by French maestro shoemakers for formal leather shoes. Kavith infuses this artistic element to give his sneakers an antique effect while also giving it a more contemporary look. The sneakers are in a way an ode to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. By taking focus away from hype-based sneaker designs, they wish to pay homage to Italian craftsmanship by creating this perfect fusion product that can be worn not only today but also if you’re planning to time travel back to the 1800s.

“There are only a handful of people in the world who can get patina art right and I am a sneakerhead through and through so when I conceptualized the patina sneakers, I cannot tell you how excited I was when the antique look came out perfectly on the first pair. We’ve been doing this for formal shoes for the longest time now but this artwork on sneakers works on so many different levels. Our audience loves these designs for streetwear, semi-formal workwear and mainly, club-wear,” said Kavith of the sneakers.

The Patina Art sneakers are now available on their online store as well as at their experience center that is located in Thane West. The Kavith Brand is the brainchild of father-son duo Kavith and Pankaj Sainaani, both of them are equipped with an advance knowledge in the field of shoe craftsmanship gathered by designing for prominent designers in the fashion industry.

You can check out their collection here.

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