Plant-Based Plastic: IIT Roorkee Makes A Sustainable Innovation

Plant-Based Plastic: IIT Roorkee Makes A Sustainable Innovation

Indian youth and innovation are at a stage where they not only exist mutually but are flourishing with each other’s support. As time passes, an increasing number of youngsters are taking it upon themselves to solve some of the world’s problems in ways that often seem fictional at first.

India’s IITs are largely considered its knights in shining armour, but it is novel thinking like that of the institute’s research team that truly makes us proud. The team, led by professor Kirtiraj K Gaikwad and his MTech student Lokesh Kumar, have developed a biodegradable and eco-friendly substitute for single-use plastics. It is able to biodegrade entirely within just a week!

Using non-toxic materials and chemicals usually found in plastics, this substitute is made using a plant-based material, polysaccharides. With funding from the government (Department of Science and Technology) and the INSPIRE faculty grant, the development of this future-forward material was possible. In fact, it can be used for packing materials such as sachets, packets, and even shopping bags.

When such innovations take place, the next step (that would bring much joy to us) would be to implement its usage in the public, and truly test its potential. That, however, remains out of our hands.

India’s never-ending pollution woes are owed to factors like incessant plastic usage, and it is only brilliant work like that of team IIT Roorkee that gives us a glimmer of hope for a cleaner future.

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