Play Clan's Artistic Guide To Delhi's Treasures For All You Curious Souls

Play Clan's Artistic Guide To Delhi's Treasures For All You Curious Souls

As different empires rose and fell, Delhi has been called many names throughout history. The national capital stands today as an amalgam of India’s past and present with high-rises and metro-rails as well as ancient tombs and monuments standing in the same space. Having played host to a plethora of kings, sultans, warriors and saints, this historical city is more than just dusty roads with congested traffic, housing age-old architectural delights, each with their own culturally rich stories to tell.

With this in mind, Play Clan has created a unique guide for the best city has to offer, taking you on a trip of exploration through Khan Market and Lodhi Road. There is no shortage of sites to see--from Humayun and Isa Khan’s Tombs, cultural sites like the India International Centre and Alliance Française de Delhi, through bustling bazaars with all their vibrant colours, and the hypnotizing smells of Lodhi Gardens’ kaleidoscopic flower beds; this artistic map has covered it all, and more.

Courtesy Play Clan

Put together in a little over a month, this digitally illustrated map is the creation of a team of three designers. “To demystify Delhi, we’ve created our version of a cheat guide to the finest treasures the city has to offer,” says the team at Play Clan. Currently they have maps for Delhi and Bengaluru, with more ‘play guides’ underway.
“Living in any city, the inhabitants often start to take the beauty of their surroundings for granted. In some ways this is our way of bringing attention of the dilliwallas back to the mysteries and the wonders their home has to offer.”

For natives and curious foreigners alike, these “play the part of a faithful guide for any spirited travellers that venture into the city of monuments--Delhi.” The maps are available at Play Clan’s Khan Market and Meherchand market stores free of cost and can also be downloaded from their blog.