PM Modi Announces Centralised Inoculation Drive, Free Vaccines to Adults

PM Modi Announces Centralised Inoculation Drive, Free Vaccines to Adults

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation about the country’s response to the deadly second wave of the Covid.

Modi started by saying, “This is the deadliest pandemic in the past 100 years. The modern world has not seen such a pandemic. Our country has fought this pandemic at many levels.”

Following this, the Prime Minister announced a centralised COVID-19 vaccine programme in his address to the nation on Monday.

He stated that beginning June 21, all individuals above the age of 18 will be eligible for free vaccinations. The Prime Minister also promised that vaccine supplies would be increased in the coming days. “Work on producing an intranasal vaccine for Covid is also happening,” he added.

“Today, we have decided that the 25% work that the states were to do, Centre will take it on. It will be implemented in two weeks. Centre and states will prepare themselves in 2 weeks as per new guidelines,” said PM Modi.

Modi added that the service charge on vaccines provided by private hospitals is to be capped at INR 150.

The Prime Minister’s statement was made on a day that India reported 1,00,636 new COVID-19 cases and 2,427 deaths, the lowest number in 61 days. However, this could be due to low testing. On Sunday, June 06, only 15.87 lakh samples were analysed, compared to an average of almost 20 lakh in the previous week.

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