Prateek Kuhad Becomes First Indian Artist To Be Signed By Metallica, Bjork’s Parent Label, Elektra

Prateek Kuhad Becomes First Indian Artist To Be Signed By Metallica, Bjork’s Parent Label, Elektra
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Ever since the release of his breakout album In Tokens & Charms, Jaipur-bred contemporary musician Prateek Kuhad erupted his way through the country’s top Indie music charts. Having burst into the country’s sonic consciousness following the 2018 release of his critically-acclaimed cold/mess EP, Prateek has steadily carved a cult-like niche for his music. The EP’s eponymous title track, featuring Jim Sarbh and zoya hussain, garnered praise worldwide and also appealed to the likes of former US president Barrack Obama who dotingly featured it on his 2019’s ‘Favourite Music List’.

An instant hit since its very inception, In Tokens & Charms won the Indie-pop artist an MTV Europe Music Award. It was also iTunes’s ‘Indie Album Of The Year’. Kuhad was also honoured with the ‘Best Pop Artist’ Award at the Radio City Music Awards. A pivotal addition to his already impressive flurry of accolades is the announcement of his signing with the prestigious American rock-centric label, Elektra Records. It’s noteworthy that Kuhad is the first Indian artist to be signed by the label.

Home to some of contemporary-rock, folk-pop and indie-rock’s most exalted artists — from Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile to modern-rock collective Metallica — Elektra Records has, for decades, been at the forefront of pioneering the contemporary & Alt-Rock scene worldwide. Being the first ever Indian singer-songwriter to be sworn-in to the legendary record label, the announcement of his signing marks a historic milestone for Indian talent.

His recent induction to Elektra Records comes as exciting news to his now-global fanbase who can now expect to witness the enthralling collaboration between the native singer-songwriter and other folk-pop/alt-rock heavy-weights endorsed by the label.

The sensational news of his signing with the timeless label is heralded by the re-release of his tide-turning EP cold/mess. The revamped release shall feature exciting visuals and bonus sounds, and shall foster the addition of Elektra’s well-knit network of contemporary-rock listeners from around the world to Kuhad’s fan-base.

Tune in to the social feed of Elektra Records’s or Prateek Kuhad, to know about their exciting partnership and future collaborations.

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