7 Whimsical Indian Sleepwear Brands You Can Buy Online

7 Whimsical Indian Sleepwear Brands You Can Buy Online

Maybe you’re a nudie dudie (our entirely original, gender-neutral connotation for people who don’t care for clothing when they sleep) or maybe you think a ratty old t-shirt and your ex-lover’s boxers are good enough to go to bed in. The rattier, the better, in fact. Or maybe you’re just so tired of looking for all those cute pyjama sets you see idiot box stars from ‘90s sitcoms wear that you’ve just decided to settle for what’s easier. Well, we’re here to change all of that. Partly because we have a weird pyjama fetish and partly because a good portion of our team doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with showing up to work in them.

But let’s cut straight to the chase so we can all go to bed a little bit earlier, and a little bit comfier. After a little digging, and too many sleepless nights, we uncovered a small but glorious bunch of online sleepwear brands from India that are catering to all our least debaucherous, after-dark needs. From quirky prints to straight-up stylish, every single one of these made us crave our beds a little bit more. And it’s clear none of them have any plans to rest until pyjamas become ‘acceptable social wear’ too.

Scroll on to see what we’ve collated for you, and then go catch up on your z’s. And before you ask—no, nobody’s offering onesies just yet.

“As PJ lovers, we didn’t have a place to go, so we created it.”

Catchy name aside, this Delhi-based store makes some eye-catching pyjamas: super hero prints, Aztec motifs, animal prints—they’re all there. As the name suggests, this brand is all about the lower half of your body. They also have a variety of night suits to choose from as well. Whether you like boxers, night shorts or full-blown PJs, BTB will have you covered. It was started in 2013 by sisters-in-law Avni Goel and Sanjam Goel. They were sitting in a bar and discussing what they could do professionally that would be different. One of Avni’s best friends said he hated the fact that you couldn’t find cool quirky boxers anywhere. And from that one evening conversation, BTB was born. They currently have two stores in Delhi, one in DLF Promenade and other in Select Citywalk. Mumbai is next on their list. “As a brand, we promote laziness. We prefer to say we sell ‘lazywear’, not pyjamas,” says co-owner Avni Goel. “Our goal is to see pyjamas become accepted social wear. We even keep Saturdays pyjama days in our office.”

HG loves: Honestly, we love so many things at BTB, it’s hard to decide. But the ‘Pass The Popcorn’ is pretty cute.

Image courtesy: Below The Belt's Facebook page

“No matter if you check the box as chick, lady, hipster, diva, woman, or goddess, Dandelion scores big for girl power.”

Samyukta Nair is the genius behind Dandelion—and she’s also part of the family that owns and operates The Leela group of hotels. Few know that her grandfather started Leela Lace before jumping into the hotel business. As a result, Nair muses that fashion and a flair for garments has always been in her genes. Before she graduated to designing nightwear, Nair helped design Leela hotels in Udaipur, Delhi and Chennai. She started Dandelion because she felt that there was a serious lack of good nightwear in the market—you either had dreaded nighties or revealing lingerie. With Dandelion, she hopes to fill that middle spot—there’s something for everyone on the online store, whether you like handmade cotton PJs, robes made from imported poplin, pin-tuck camisoles, or beautifully tailored pyjama sets.

HG loves: The Classic Kitty Robe.

Image courtesy: Dandelion's Facebook page

“We deliver right to your doorstep, and even accept cash on delivery.”

Perch Sleepwear was started by former interior designer Akriti Kochar, who loves shopping for sleepwear but realised that there was a serious gap in the market for quality women’s sleepwear that was young, fun and reasonable. The company is only between four and six months old, and currently only takes orders via email (info@perchlife.com), or through its Instagram and Facebook pages. “Usually, women only end up buying one night suit because they’re so expensive. But when they visit my stall at exhibitions that I’ve done, they always wind up picking up at least two or three pieces because of my prices,” says Kochar. “People also order online and we deliver sleepwear to their doorstep—we even accept cash on delivery.” Kochar admits that it’s been slow getting started because she decided against quitting her job at an animal NGO, Friendicos, where she has worked for the past two years. “I’ve been there so long, I’m so attached to them. I can’t leave just yet, which sadly means that I don’t get to work on Perch till well into the afternoon.” Perch currently only has sleepwear for women, but plans to launch a kids’ line soon.

HG loves: The pink pyjamas with white polka dots and scalloped edges is definitely a win.

Perch Sleepwear. Image courtesy: Perch Sleepwear's Instagram page

“Good living is a true luxury which requires time, awareness and self love.”

This Indian sleepwear brand focuses on the importance of a sufficient and satisfactory sleep ritual. With good health and well-being at the core of their values, they create light and airy sleepwear for maximum comfort. They hold the promise of their products never going into a landfill to ensure sustainability. The fabrics used by them is scrutinised heavily to be able to provide sleep ritual which has no signs of discomfort. They use lght-weight, breathable cotton and silk. The modern and aesthetic designs are a sight for sore eyes and bring about a sense of excitement to indulge in a sleep ritual.

HG loves: The pink INDY Cover Up with pockets.

Image Courtesy: The Calm Collective Instagram Page

“Mystere Paris is a fashion brand for the women who embrace their many moods and display each one brilliantly”

Brainchild of Tanvi Goenka Sekhsaria and Vishwanshu Agarwal, Mystere Paris creates a blend of style and comfort. Their designs range from fun and quirky to sleek and simple. Their vast range of products include track pants and sleep tees as well. A maternity line caters to all the sleepwear needs of expecting mothers too. The most interesting and out-there aspect is their Pyjama Party! The event saw many expecting mothers dressed in their Pyjamas, having a day to themselves where they could relax, unwind and also have their fair share of fun. With the help of filters and simple navigation, the site is easy to use and also delivers to your doorstep. Mystere Paris is a wholesome company for anyone looking for sleepwear that is far from boring.

HG loves: The Classic Striped Lounge Shorts.

Image Courtesy: Mystere Paris Instagram Page

“I make night suits for six-month old babies, adults and now even pets. The prints are very happy and the children love it.”

A Pune-based customized sleepwear brand, Catnap was founded by Sabrina Omer with a degree in fashion. Making sleepwear for pets, humans and babies, the 22-year old entrepreneur focuses on patterns and quirky elements like ribbon, butter paper and personalized notes in the customized bags. From matching pyjama suits for mothers and babies to unicorn bed-linen, Catnap is further expanding into the industry of snuggles, ensuring that they cater to your every need for December’s winters. Having worked in sales for 3 years, Omer shed light on the importance of communication with the client. She doesn’t have a website, and says there’s no need for one yet. As soon as she gets a message from a potential customer, it becomes a personal connect to such an extent that she visits their homes for trials and delivery. Hoping to open a storefront in the future, Omer is focusing on her prints right now.

HG loves: Super soft cotton pyjamas with unicorn embroidery.

Catnap Sleepwear. Image Courtesy: Catnap Sleepwear

VII. De-nap

“Pajamas for life! They are definitely more than a sleepwear.”

On a mission in mind to create high quality nightwear keeping in mind customers’ tastes, needs and requirements, De-Nap believes that pyjamas should no longer be boring or restricted to old and worn out tees and kurtas. Celebrating nightwear, the team hopes to inspire women across the country to look at their nightwear from a new perspective. Not only worrying about a night gown or nighties during wedding shopping, their quirky outfits are a means to motivate Indian women to make it a part of their day-to day fashion statement. From Christmas confetti prints to adorable little penguins hanging off of your night suit pockets, De-Nap also specializes in baby blankets and night clothes for kids.

HG loves: Their all-new Christmas-themed night suits are worth checking out!

De-Nap. Image courtesy: De-Nap

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