Modi & Zuckerberg: Questions You Won't See Them Answering

Modi & Zuckerberg: Questions You Won't See Them Answering

To Mark Zuckerberg and Narendra Modi

Q1) Facebook promises to help India's poor access the internet through and yet, it's one of the most blatant net neutrality violations in the world. 

Q2) The Digital India initiative seeks to engage and encourage Indians to embrace the internet and seeks to position itself as a viable tool in achieving this goal. But the restrictive ecosystem it promotes seems more like a self-aggrandizing exercise for Facebook than a neutral social initiative.

 The present government has debated in the past that Indians  have no 'Right to Privacy' and attempted the censorship of Internet through means such as the Porn Ban. More recently, the government’s draft policy on en
cryption called for curbs on deletion of WhatsApp Chats with serious breaches of privacy.

Lastly, for Zuckerberg

And finally, here are some commendable questions asked by users of Facebook, we hope Mr. Modi and Zuckerberg do answer:
1). Ask him as to why in a technologically advanced 21st century, he wants to see only one Indian language rule the digital and economic world and not all the 20+ popular languages of India. 
2). Ask him why doesn't he want to showcase the brilliant, astonishing diversity of India and make all the communities of India inclusive in his dream of e-governance and Digital India. 
3). Please tell him that the beauty of India lies in its brilliant unity in diversity, and it would be awesome if he can promote and showcase all the languages and cultures of India and not one.

-Rakshith S Ponnathpur

Prime Minister Modi, what is being done to help the poor farmers of India? Hundreds and thousands of poor farmers are committing suicides. Hope you can help!

-Prerna Makanawala

What would it take for women and lgbt people to be treated as true equals in India? How can social media play a part?

-Meghan Concra

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