Ramen Donn: This Homegrown Kitchen Is Serving Up Delicious Ramen Bowls

Ramen Donn
Ramen Donn(L) elmundoeats.com; @ramen_donn (R)

Is there anything that a hot, steaming bowl of ramen can’t fix? The Japanese noodle bowl found itself the centre of attention in India a few years ago, and it is safe to say that the obsession has definitely not died down. If anything, Indians have become something of Japanese cuisine connoisseurs. From miso (fermented soybean paste) to tare (dipping sauces) to chashu (braised pork), these menu items are becoming as common as pasta and pesto. So with two years to ourselves at home, it is no wonder that a few of us gave the complicated and finicky process of making ramen the old college try.

Delhi resident Kunal Singh Dogra was probably the few of us that was actually successful. An avid home chef, and marketer by profession, Dogra has been cooking since he was 14 and uses food as an equaliser for his emotions. While he was home from the UK during the pandemic, he started sharing his incredible food on his Instagram, leading to him getting catering and dinner service requests.

He figured that if he was going to turn this into a full-time job he might as well cook something he loved, and thus Ramen Donn was born in September 2020.

Image Courtesy: @ramen_donn

Based in Delhi, Ramen Donn started with delivering 5 ramen bowls in a week and is now up to close to 250 bowls on a good week. Their menu works on a rotation, featuring 2 to 3 new bowls a week, including vegan and vegetarian versions. Dogra is quite adamant that Ramen Donn stay true to its roots and principles, and they have yet to repeat a bowl that has been on a past menu. It may come close to repetition, but it is never the same bowl twice.

Along with running Ramen Donn’s base kitchen, Dogra has also introduced Greezy (@greee.zy), an offshoot that allows you to purchase the infused and aromatic oils that make Ramen Donn’s bowls a killer meal.

Ramen Donn currently only accepts pre-orders via their Instagram, and they deliver all across Delhi and NCR. Their weekend slots get booked up at lightning speed, so make sure you order a couple of days in advance! Dogra also says that they have plans for expansion, and he teases the launch of a new brick-and-mortar store very soon. I don’t know about you, but it seems that a trip to Delhi is in order in the foreseeable future!

Pre-order from Ramen Donn here.

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