Refresh Your Wardrobe With Rover Journal’s Circular Collection

Refresh Your Wardrobe With Rover Journal’s Circular Collection
The Rover Journal

As is often said the most sustainable choice of clothing is the one that is already in your wardrobe. The art of upcycling, reviving and recreating and transforming clothes to increase their longevity isn’t a new or novel concept, in fact, it is probably as old as we are. Imagine all the hand-me-downs you own that circulate through generations of your family or your mother or grandmother’s saree that you got stitched into something else more contemporary or suitable for your taste.

A firm believer in mending pre-existing things by oneself to reclaim all belongings and a community that strongly revolts against mass production is The Rover Journal, founded by Payal Verma, a fashion design graduate. At the core of their endeavour lies the use of post-consumer waste as raw material so as to force materials into a persistent journey of reusability.

The Rover Journal A Circular Sustainable Zero Waste Brand
The Rover Journal A Circular Sustainable Zero Waste Brand

Tagging themselves to be a lifestyle brand that curates mindful experiences for their customers, they try to ensure zero waste practices. The label was started as a response to the accelerated growth of consumerism and overconsumption of clothing that puts a strain on resources, envisioning a potential in developing methods and processes that create valuable fashion supply chains that don’t burden the environment and also exist in total transparency with their customers, they started a slow and circular fashion sustainable brand with a retro feel and aesthetic.

In their own words, they wish to, “...create and be a part of a community to debunk myths around sustainability and expound insights and information. Sustainability sprouted eons ago and passed on to every successive generation, offering a new life to articles. Such occurrences inspire us to craft everything we present as a brand in a reclaimable fashion, encouraging and promoting sustainability in its true essence.”

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