Regenerate's #ByThePier Music Festival Is Going To Be A Three-Way Extravaganza

You can always smell November by the sheer lack of novel thrills. Party season has a lot of teenaged over-enthusiasm associated with it and a serious over-crowding of weekend to-do lists but it would be nihilistic to cry about too much choice. Still, it is worth considering how any event is supposed to stand out in all the clutter? Well, throwing an all-day party in an open-air club by the sea is a good start. Follow that up with a tightly curated lineup of fresh musical talent, both international and local, a curated art space and some of the most delicious festival food options right from cheese fries to sushi, and we’d say you’re pretty much golden.
Regenerate’s #ByThePier festival scheduled for November 8 at Mumbai’s Radio Club promises all this and more. And considering that art space has Homegrown’s Offline avatar all over it, we thought it would be nice to break down the trajectory of the day for our readers.


I. The Music

If you know Regenerate, then you already know that they’ve dedicated their hearts and souls to pushing deep house in the country and they’ve done a pretty stellar job in the year since its inception, having brought down the kind of acts not many other crews would have picked up. Think Nils Hoffmann, Tigerskin, HNQQ & Okain, from major labels like Get Physical etc.  Moreover, they didn’t ignore the indigenous talent and could be credited for developing a lot of nascent talent in this country right from Orbs & Zen and Twokid Wickid, to creating a roster including the likes of veterans like Qwiver (Blurry Slur), Kaleekarma and more. Having just completed a year of pioneering the Deep House movement in India, this open air Music Festival could be considered a celebration of the same.
The day-long event kicks off at 12 p.m. with all of the above-mentioned residents of the Regen crew going up back to back. A few we didn’t mention earlier include Pune’s tech wizards, Oozeundat, Bombay local Folic State, and of course, multi-disciplinary purveyors of this sonic space, B.L.O.T.!
Berlin based Kevin Knapp will also be making his India debut as the headliner of the festival. You might already know him by his prior track collaborations, Stay Glued and These Days in collaboration with Audiojack.

Consider all these links a glimpse into the kind of music you can expect at the festival:

[Twokid Wickid’s Podcast/ Live Recording] 

II. Food
Even if you don’t take us at our word on anything else, take us at our word about this—you’ve never seen festival food this fine. The love that’s gone into the curation of these munchies-to-meals is evident in the kind of offerings they’re putting up. And even if you’re not a fan of music, we’d recommend coming in just for the food.
Here’s every stall that’s going to be set up by the pier:
I. Authentic Chinese by Royal China
Menu will include things like Salt and Pepper Prawns (4 pieces), Smoked Shredded Chicken, Salt and Pepper Tofu, Chicken Chilli Oil with Rice, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Rice, Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Hong Kong Noodles for mains and all kinds of dim sums, roast pork buns, and dumplings for snacks.

Royal China, deephouse, Regenerate

II. Sweet, Sticky BBQ By House Of Lloyds (Bbq) Goa
Menu will include Beef & Bacon Burger, Pork Hot Dog, and pork chop, all accompanied by Potato Salad.

Royal China, deephouse, Regenerate

III. Delicious Waffles & Pancakes By Olive Bar & Kitchen
Menu? Think sweet waffles and pancakes with countless fruit and chocolate combinations, peanut butter and caramel, and much, much more. Additionally, they’ll also be serving up savoury pancakes with fillings like cheese & bacon, mozzarella, tomato & pesto and many others but we’ll let your imagination take flight.

Royal China, deephouse, Regenerate

IV. The J café
Fries, fries, and more fries. With every topping you can imagine whether it’s pizza fries and nacho fries, sausage fries, you know better by now than to come here on a full stomach.

the-j-cafeRoyal China, deephouse, Regenerate

III. Art

The Regenerate crew wanted to collaborate with us in some way for the event so we decided to do things the Homegrown way. Having always been dedicated to creating a space for creative folk, we wanted to provide our readers with an offline Homegrown curation experience. As such, we’ve brought together 16 exemplary artists from various mediums, spaces and mindsets to share and showcase their work at the event. These include Oil Paintings from ArtStruck to Lazer Printed Tattva Longboards by Big Fat Minimalist to the one-man youth movement that is Adarsh Balak, to name a few. Stay tuned for a full-blown feature on everyone we have in store later this week but let the images below placate your curiosity till then.


If you need any more convincing post this, we suggest you take some nuts and crumbs into hibernation with you under that rock, where you belong.
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