Rewind: Looking Back At 2015's Landmark Events [In Photos & Text]

Rewind: Looking Back At 2015's Landmark Events [In Photos & Text]
2015 Rewind

Gavel-banging landmarks and iconic legislative decisions, where Bhai walks free.

striking down 'draconian' Section 66A of the Information Technology Act
Image Source: Jankari Hub
Juvenile Justice Bill
Shashi Tharoor's move to amend Section 377

The year of bans, bans and more bans, where the new national animal is the cow and porn is a luxury.

band-wagon of states having banned beef and the slaughter of cows
Image source: Indian Express
sale of the beloved yellow noodles
outrageous and equally comical ban of 857 pornographic websites
Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai
India's Daughter
One Part Woman
Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai, Image Source:

The giant leaps of Science and Technology, where livers are grown and tsunamis come with a siren.

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
Image Source: Logical Indian
Tsunami early-warning signal
three Indian scientists in Bangalore
human liver
Image Source: Liverti

Milestones for women in 2015, where witch-hunts ended and sportswomen excelled.

Aditi Chauhan
Heena Sidhu
Joshna Chinappa
Sania Mirza
Aditi Chauhan, Image Source: Limeroad
Chhavi Rajawat
Rajasthan Prevention of Witch-Hunting Bill, 2015
women fighter pilots
Image Source: Sourcet
Suzette Jordan
amend the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

2015's protest against India's "growing intolerance" and censorship, where dissent comes in the form of 'award wapsi' and more.

(FTII) began a protest
Image Source: Indian Express
moral policing take form in Madh Island
'award wapsi'
Sahitya Akademi
Image Source: Firstpost
big one for censorship

Green milestones, where development is less sustainable and climate change reforms are the need of the hour.

world's first fully solar powered airport
Tamil Nadu
devastating deluge and loss of life, property and more
odd-even car policy
Image Source: Indian Express
Telangana's upcoming power plant project

LGBTQ Landmarks, where the rainbow flag flew high and mighty, but dropped low and tired, too.

Since 2015 was a year of ups and downs for India's LGBTQ community, and with so many different landmarks and milestones to record, we thought that this one might deserve its own feature to fully capture this rainbow year. So click here for the LGBTQ year in rewind--one that uplifted the transgender community, but remained vigilant as ever in their fight against varied sexualities.

Closing 2015, where the fight for #NetNeutrality grew stronger than ever, and the future remains uncertain

Zuckerberg is back to 'save' all us poor Indians with his Free Basics program, and yet again, the TRAI has asked for public response from India's citizens, even extending it's deadline to the 7th of January as of yesterday. The debate has never been louder, with activists like Mahesh Murthy taking on Facebook's jargon very publicly, and the response has left us hopeful.

Compiled by: Rhea Almeida & Sara Hussain

[Please Note: We have compiled most of the major events and incidents in each category, since including each and every one would be too extensive. Do let us know in the comment section below if you think there's an iconic event or incident in any of our categories that we have missed out. Thank you, and happy new year.]

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