Sage-Onion French Toast Sandwiches Are More Delicious When Cooked By A Nonchalant Gourmand in L.A.

Sage-Onion French Toast Sandwiches Are More Delicious When Cooked By A Nonchalant Gourmand in L.A.
“It's fulfilling. A lot of emphasis on Non-GMO, organic and fresh meats emphasis on ingredients. There is an equal choice of fatty and loaded comfort foods to healthy options. Portions are large sized where ever you look at (either at a restaurant or your grocery store) but the good change I notice is restaurants and their diners are both willing partners in the "sharing" concept which was non-existent a few years back. Today when I walk into a restaurant with 3 people and we order only 2 dishes, the server, without flinching, asks if we will be sharing the same and splits it equally.”

I. Poached eggs; spaghetti tomato - arugula - cheese toasts


Q I. Do you remember the first moment you became passionate about food?

II. Savory sage-onion French toast sandwich filled with havarti & field greens


Q II. How would you describe your food philosophy?

III. Pear cognac soup, strawberry salad with a berry vinaigrette & garlic baguette

Q. III. How has L.A. inspired/ influenced your cooking style?

IV. Caramelized mushrooms

Quick Questions: 
A]. If you could bring back any one ingredient from L.A. to use in Indian cooking what would it be?

V. Old Saffashioned : bourbon, vermouth, saffron and chilli sugar; Aperol foam

B]. Best meal you’ve eaten while there? 

VI. Guacamole using haas avocados grown in the backyard

C]. Strangest thing you’ve eaten while there?

VII. Beef marinated in spiced red wine, garlic and rosemary (for the grill)

D]. Something you think Indian restaurant culture could/ should learn from L.A.’s?

VIII. Bacon Wrapped Catfish With A Creamy Tomato Sauce And Caramelized Mushrooms

E]. In your opinion, the most successful dish you’ve created while in L.A.?

IX. Christmas Day soufflé : decadent chocolate soufflé made from scratch


Compiled By: Homegrown Staff

Images and Dishes Courtesy: Nikhil Merchant

[Nikhil Merchant, also known as the Nonchalant Gourmand is a passionate food journalist, blogger, chef and restaurant consultant. He believes life’s experiences and its engaging effect coupled with a propelling force drives him to his ultimate destination that is “food”. His writing can be periodically accessed on his blog and in luxury publications in India as well as around the world.]