Sahirah’s Latest Single Is A Playful Ode To Crushes & Infatuation

Sahirah’s Latest Single Is A Playful Ode To Crushes & Infatuation

Sometimes a good piece of french toast and a crush can result in a fun and cheeky song or at least that was the case for 24-year-old London-based musician Sahirah Oshidar.

In our conversation with her about her latest playful single Juicy in collaboration with NEMY she tells us, “Juicy has a really fun story behind it. I was in Goa with my best friend and at her house. I had the most amazing French toast EVER. She sent a video of me eating it to this boy I had a crush on and his reply was, “Yummy... and the French toast too. And that’s how Juicy was born.”

Definitely one of the most pop-sounding tracks by the Mumbai-raised artist, the song has an easygoing and fun vibe to it along with a vibrant and colourful music video that goes well with the playful “...dreamy, cheeky and delicious” nature of the song.

Talking about the music video, Sahirah says, “Initially the idea started off as a simple ‘cooking show’, but as we moved on with production it became more stylised around clean aesthetic shots of food and the opposite with mess and unpleasant to the extent where people want to keep watching just to see what happens.”

“The featured artist NEMY was in London and I was in Mumbai at the time of the shoot – so I wanted to incorporate him in the most creative way I could think of. I’ve always been obsessed with animation so I thought it would be the perfect blend to add his verse animated and create a surreal world within the music video,” she added further.

You can checkout Sahirah’s upcoming projects here.

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