Say Hello To Vegan Leather: These Cactus Leather Pouches Are Organic & Sustainable

Say Hello To Vegan Leather: These Cactus Leather Pouches Are Organic & Sustainable

In our bottomless hunt to be more sustainable in ways of production, distribution and consumption, there have been some remarkable revelations that changed the sustainability game worldwide. Be it the widespread popularity of metal straws, the steady acceptance of menstrual cups or even choosing to let go of fast fashion — such shifts are stepping stones to the final, larger goal of saving the planet.

Among these revelations is that of faux leather. However, most of the alternatives are derived from plastic, and hence, even as they try to do good, they end up defeating the purpose of sustainability. In 2019, Mexican company Desserto was able to make organic, all-natural and cruelty-free leather from cactus.

Homegrown company Arture was eager to introduce this alternative to the Indian market, and so they did! With their signature accessories, they will soon be introducing merchandise made of cactus leather. The first in the series is vegan pouches made of the vegan leather. “With our strength of being a brand focussed on sustainable and vegan design, cactus leather fits right into our vision,” says the team.

It would be logical to be worried that the procurement of the material would cause harm to the cactus plant. However, the team at Arture explains, “They are not killed to make it. They are only given a trim and their pads then regenerate.”

You can get your hands on these cactus leather pouches from Arture when they launch in the beginning of December — just in time to fulfil your Christmas wish-list!

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