Shah Rule, Raftaar & MC Altaf’s Latest Hip-Hop Track Is Lyrically Impactful

Shah Rule, Raftaar & MC Altaf’s Latest Hip-Hop Track Is Lyrically Impactful

The hip-hop scene in India is truly thriving with many underground artists and rappers finally getting their due. Away from Mumbai’s chart-topping soundtracks is a wealth mine of talent that is exploding and experimenting like never before; offering diversity to the music scene and giving the audience what it truly wants.

Back at it are the OGs of the Indian hip-hop scene Shah Rule, MC Altaf, and Raftaar whose latest collaboration Nahi Hai Wo was produced by veteran producer Stunnah Beatz in his signature plush sound.

The latest track sees the three Indian hip-hop juggernauts combine their lyrical prowess with hard-hitting verses and a smooth flow that is almost enviable. Undoubtedly, the collaboration is a spectacle for the hip-hop community across the country as the three of them come together for this bar dense track. Stunnah Beatz’s production only adds to the sonic brilliance of the track.

Shah Rule’s crafted melodic hook sets the tone for the track where he speaks about what separates his likes from the rest, with MC Altaf and Raftaar hoping in with their expert penmanship to further themes of ambition and what it takes to become artists of their stature. The track, which is fueled by their passion is one that you’ll definitely be hearing on repeat.

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