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This summer, Little Local and Roots Ladakh have joined hands with CEPT University Summer School 2019 to host a one-of-a-kind workshop for students of design, architecture, fine arts, communications and other creative fields. A deep I’ve into India’s rural communities, the workshop aims to “create a livelihood intervention through art and design”.

Ideal for those interested in application-based learning, the workshop offers limited seats to young working professionals as well. The workshop will be held in Henasku, a small village in Ladakh. It is also known as Zbayul, which means ‘the invisible village’ in the local dialect. Henasku is locate along the Kargil-Leh national highway, and is famous for being a prominent stop along the Silk route. However, today, the village remains rather unexplored with a population of less that 150 people. “Our project is an attempt to document, preserve and bring forward the lesser known heritage of Ladakh and create livelihood opportunities for local communities. Through the workshop, we will live with locals, observe their way of life, document their history and heritage, and understand how through the medium of art, we can construct a dialogue on some of the important issues related to social and cultural identity in remote fragile eco-systems like these,” reads CEPT’s website.

They go on to talk about the methods that will be employed through the course of the workshop and their relevance - “our work will comprise observations in the village and interactions with the people, identifying key narratives, documenting through sketches, photographs & other creative mediums. Our work will culminate into a comprehensive permanent exhibition at the historic ‘Lhonpo Khang’ building in Henasku.This project is in continuation to some research we have done already. ” The workshop will offer visitors a unique cultural experience and subsequently benefit the local community.

Dates: June 7 to 17, 2019

The last date to register is January 22, 2019.

Click here to apply and to know more about the workshop.

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