Sinister Sparkles: Kanpur's Cursed Amethyst Spooks London

Sinister Sparkles: Kanpur's Cursed Amethyst Spooks London
India is a land of Gods and Goddesses, enchantment and urban legends, one of our favourites being the one that’s about to follow. A few decades ago the Delhi Purple Sapphire (which is actually amethyst) was stolen from the temple of Indra, the rain god situated in Kanpur. Supposedly, all the owners of this stolen entity suffered a phase of bad luck. Many died and those who realised the evil sooner than the others tried hard to get rid of it. However, it returned mysteriously to its various owners and no thief was spared. Finally, Edward Heron-Allen locked the stone away in seven boxes, each within another, and locked it in a bank vault.
Ultimately in 1946, the amethyst was recovered  and handed over to the Natural History Museum in London. The museum was given strict instructions and a serious warning about the nature of the gem.

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