Snail Stew & Red Ant Chutney. India's Weirdest Foods Are...Weird.

Snail Stew & Red Ant Chutney. India's Weirdest Foods Are...Weird.
Weird is a classic example of the concept of relativity. And as far as we on the Homegrown team are concerned, weird is definitely something we are more than just familiar with. As we sat ruminating in our own weirdness and, in short lapses, searching the expanse of this peculiar nature, we happened to stumble upon something that brought this wicked grin on the fortunate ones among us. Twisted and innovative ideas is generally our thing but, well, twisted food is another deal altogether.
We know that Best Out Of Waste is the direction to head in but eating rotten potatoes  and remnant ashes might seem like someone’s taking this all a little too seriously. Either ways, sweeping all the negativity aside, we present to you a list of seemingly weird and apparently delicious Indian food dishes that may or may not build appetite but will definitely re-instil your faith in weirdetarians- weird is our style and your preference!

I. Khorisa

Where: Assam

Image Source: Blue Gape

II. Phan Pyut

Where: Parts of North-East India

Image Source: Wonder Woman In Today

III. Chaprah

Where: Chattisgarh

Image Source: IBN Live

IV. Nahkham

Where: Meghalaya

Image Source: I Fairer

V. Baby Shark Curry

Where: Goa

Image Source Esca Brahma

VI. Eri Polu

Where: Assam

Image Source: Pinterest

VII. Dog Meat

Where: Nagaland and Mizoram

Image Source: Flickr

VIII. Black Rice

Where: Manipur

Image Source: India Daily

IX. Sorpotel (Chouricos)

Where: Goa

Image Source: Immersion Blender

X. Frog Legs

Where: Sikkim

Image Source: Penned Together

XI. Gold Plated Masala Dosa

Where: Rajbhog’s in Bangalore

Image Source: Sumanjalikopparty

XII. Snail Stew And Steamed Hornets

Where: Kohima, Nagaland

Image Credit: Mimi Chakrabarti

XIII. Bhunni

Where: Garhwal, Uttarkhand

Image SOurce: Chowder Singh

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