Some Of The Most Striking Indian Music Videos of 2019 So Far

(L-F16s; R-P&S)
(L-F16s; R-P&S)

Its only 4 months into 2019 and it already seems that a lot has happened so far. The general elections, movies, IPL, art and much more, have made it into our conversation for the year. Similarly, there has been no lack of really great music videos. So we thought we would make a list just for you. Given below is a curation of some of the most striking music videos to hit the internet so far, check it out!

‘Walk With Me’ by Taba Chake

Taba Chake is a singer-songwriter from Arunachal Pradesh. He released his song ‘Walk With Me’ on the eve of Valentine’s Day this year. Accompanying the song is a beautiful animated video which starts off with Taba skyping his loved one and sing a lullaby on his ukulele. The video description also includes the origin of the song with Taba saying, “I wrote this song with someone very special on 9/08/2018,1:00 am.”

‘Amber’ by The F16s

The F16s are back. Its been more than two years since their debut album, ‘Triggerpunkte’. Their latest release, ‘Amber’ is the single from the upcoming EP, ‘WKND FRNDS’. Accompanied by a lovely animation by artist Deepti Sharma, the music video revolves around a girl who ‘transforms’ herself in order to get accpeted by her peers. The lush production on this track is hard to miss!

‘Summer Skin’ by Parekh & Singh

Fans across the board are familiar with Parekh & Singh’s striking music videos. Their Wes Anderson-esque style of visuals have captivated everyone. They’ve just released their album ‘Science City’ and the video for ‘Summer Skin’ is as immersive and fresh as the album. We should also mention their more recent ‘Hello’ video which we find to be equally delightful.

‘Hold Tight’ by Ape Echoes

Ape Echoes ‘Hold Tight’ music video was released as a part of Barcardi House Party Sessions. Directed by Dar Gai of Prateek Kuhad’s ‘Cold/Mess’ fame, the video follows actor Jim Sarbh cloning himself multiple times to finish the work. The delightful chaos that entails is cut to Ape Echoes’s refreshing brand of electro-pop music.

‘Floated By’ by Peter Cat Recording Co.

Peter Cat Recording Co. have always had some of the most mesmerising music videos and they haven’t disappointed this time either. Ahead of their album, ‘Bismillah’, they’ve released the dreamy ‘Floated By’ which is partly shot at frontman Suryakant Sawhney’s wedding last year. The tranquil visuals are also contributed by Sachin Pillai.

‘Crawling’ by The Koniac Net

Indie alternative outfit The Koniac Net recently released their album, ‘They Finally Heard Us’. Their infectious single ‘Crawling’ was directed by Jishnu Guha and shot by Krish Makhija, which has the entire band and the audience around them rock it out by wearing extremely large animal masks. Both the video and the song are perfect examples of this band’s promising talent.

‘Queen Of My Castle’ by Anushka Manchanda

Last year Anushka Manchanda had dropped a breathtaking music video for ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ under her NUKA moniker. While she’s not using her moniker for this one, she’s back with a equally stunning video for ‘Queen Of My Castle’. The striking imagery is used to put forth the message of women empowerment as this song was released on Women’s Day as a part of A. R. Rahman’s curation for NEXA Music.

‘Bam Bam’ by Bombay Bassment

When you think of reggae, dancehall and funk in India’s music scene, you can’t help think of Bombay Bassment. The veteran outfit have been keeping it fresh and real since day one. There recent video is a declaration of love which has frontman Bobkat doing his thing on a rooftop while being hunted down by the other band members.

‘Vidroh’ by Aarlon

Delhi’s metalcore/rock band, Aarlon is unique. The brand of ‘Hindi Metal’ music is tough to ignore for they are never scared to raise their voices about pressing issues. Their track ‘Vidroh’ is about breaking the shackles of middle-class responsibilities and pursuing what one desires, and the accompanying video captures that quite vividly.

‘Girl From The Bay’ by Aarya

Singer/songwriter Aarya was a contestant on ‘The Stage 2’ and recently put out his ‘Roots’ EP. A catchy and cheesy romantic love ballad, ‘Girl From The Bay’ is accompanied playful and quirky music video which follows the couple’s journey of love.

‘Little One’ by Komorebi

In a rather touching music video, Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi reflects on the evolving relationship with her younger brother. Directed by the mighty Misha Ghose, this video was crowdfunded on Wishberry in association with Rolling Stone’s Watch Out.

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