Spend A Night In This Haunted Scottish Mansion In West Bengal

Spend A Night In This Haunted Scottish Mansion In West Bengal

Growing up listening to paranormal stories and finding joy in the latest scary movies has raised us all as a generation of horror buffs.

In a country like India that harbours an abundant history and diverse beliefs, every nook and cranny has a gory story or haunted joint of its own. However, what if we tell you there’s a haunted hotel deemed to be a hit amongst adventure seekers and paranormal fans.

Yes, you heard that right! The Morgan House, an ivy-covered Scottish mansion turned lodge is the latest tourist attraction that seems to draw visitors, not for its architecture but its spooky reputation.

The 16-acre mansion finds itself situated on Durpindara Hill in Kalimpong, West Bengal and is infamous for its haunted history. Built to celebrate the wedding of Mr. George Morgan, a jute baron, with a lady who was an indigo plantation owner, the property saw the death of Mrs Morgan by suicide. There are speculations of lady Morgan being tortured to death in the British colonial mansion.

After the unfortunate incident, Mr Morgan abandoned the property, the ownership of the house fell under a trust and was later attained by the Indian Government post independence. It is now being maintained as a boutique hotel that thrives off of the widely spreading craze for haunted tourism.

“The mansion has seen numerous paranormal activities. Many tourist have witnessed Mrs. Morgan walking in the wooden corridors, climbing the room to second floor where she died. The room has been sealed and locked by the government yet the hotel staff has heard sounds of laughter, weeping, singing and screaming from inside. It is prohibited to roam around in the hotel after a certain hour in the night. Many guests have experienced pulled down from their cot or getting thrashed by someone at the middle of night. The hotel staff provide a bible to the guest which they are requested to carry with them everywhere they go inside the estate and are instructed to keep it under their pillow at night. In the British Raj, numerous ballroom parties were hosted in this mansion. The hotel manager has heard noises from kitchen every night.” reports Enroute Indian History.

Currently, the house is being run by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) and is worth adding to your travel itinerary if you’re a haunted house fanatic!

View the haunted lodge here.

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